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  1. Ahahaha! Nothing like seeing Crimson in discomfort to put a smile on my face. 8) Haha, just kidding. I had iced tea today, I was at my dad's office and there was raspberry and peach flavored syrup to put in. No salt though.
  2. But the smileys on these forums ( , for example) are aliased as well. o.o
  3. Thanks Nab and Max, I guess I chose blue because: 1) Blue is awesome. 2) I didnt really think the other colors would look as good. But a simple Conditional Hue/Sat would work, if you wanted different colors.
  4. I'm lonely, restless, and bored. So I made me some little friends to keep me company. Facial expressions derived off of this.
  5. Yes, my liege. I will gather the warriors. (Getting closer to 1000 :o )
  6. *bows* Will you require a sacrifice? I recommend worldnewser. And not because his analytical decipherings have come close to unraveling our secrets. Definitely not.
  7. And Myrddin has joined our ranks. :twisted:
  8. True, that. Bah! I'm still at level 10. >.< But I've only lost 37 lives so far.
  9. I have no idea. I think he just Googled it.
  10. Yeah. Unfortunately, it's a pain finding good stocks, Poseidon was fairly easy, Zeus required a long search, Hades will probably yield poor results. :x And I redid the Zeus sig. Is it better? :o EDIT: Woops, almost forgot stocks. Zeus Lightning More Lightning
  11. Also, look at tHs' avatar. You almost got the first word right. That's all.
  12. For realz?! I feel so proud of myself. Is there anything I can improve on though? You didn't mention depth. :o EDIT: Following my Greek Mythology theme ... Once again, I used a few stocks: Eagle Zeus Lightning Sky I don't like this one as much as the Poseidon one.
  13. Some tag-ish thingy. I guess. Lots of stocks used, namely: Poseidon Stormy Sea Breaking Wave Another Breaking Wave As usual, how can I improve, constructive criticism, blah, blah ...
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