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  1. So that's what Fight Club is. I think. :shock:
  2. http://abcnews.go.com/Health/MedicalMys ... 774&page=1 :shock:
  3. The exact same thing happens to me! And it only started recently.
  4. It's harder to tell on image hosters such as Photobucket or Imageshack. If you can, contacting the owner is the best way. Sites such as Flickr and DeviantArt will have licensing info. Flickr also has this nifty option to search only within Creative Commons in its Advanced Search.
  5. Depends. When looking for stock images, you have to make sure that the picture is properly licensed. Specifically, you can only use pictures licensed under Creative Commons, and ones that do not have the No Derivatives attribute. Make sure to look for other attributes of the CC license, such as attribution (citing), share alike (licensing your derivative under the same license), et cetera. All images under copyright can NOT be used. EDIT: I think this would fall under Image Manipulation. Anatomical reference.
  6. Nobody knows ... Except for a select few people.
  7. I'll be helping tHs out here, since he's not around right now. Hippos *gasp!*
  8. Well, I can't compete with Nab's comforting reply.
  9. This, as far as I know, is not correctable. It might have something to do with how you insulted the first person to welcome you to this forum, and how you cannot properly spell certain words, leading me to conclude that your intellect is not as superior as you think it is.
  10. No, I don't think so. These adjustment layers only apply to the layer you assigned it to. Or so I've deduced from reading PS tuts, although I might be wrong.
  11. Although CS3 has no transparency gradient function, it does have alpha mask layers, which is, in my opinion, more versatile. It acts as an alpha mask, except within the program. Drawing a simple black to white gradient on one such layer will do the same thing. It is much better in another light as well, since this provides non-destructive editing, so it is easier to backtrack if needed.
  12. I have a tendency to scrap any projects I don't think are turning out well ... :oops: I didn't save it.
  13. I've been trying to figure out how I'd make it work, but it just didn't turn out good. I had no idea for a background, I was unsatisfied with the "bubble" thing around the pill ... et cetera.
  14. This isn't directed at just aeonix, I've seen some other people do this too: When you take an image you like, and you want to do something with it, you MUST check the licensing first. The image that you chose, aeonix, is copyrighted. Taking a copyrighted image and making derivatives is technically illegal, unless you obtain the creator's consent. That's why, when searching for stocks, you should only be looking for pictures licensed under Creative Commons, and pay special attention to the type of CC license, because some do not allow derivatives.
  15. Here they are. http://maj1n.deviantart.com/art/C4D-WIR ... 2-59094953 http://maj1n.deviantart.com/art/C4D-WIR ... 1-59093096 http://stinky666.deviantart.com/art/Emt ... k-84136655 http://stinky666.deviantart.com/art/Wir ... 5-85114539
  16. I actually didn't go to PR for the wireframes, I got them off of deviantArt. I'll see if I can dig up the links and I'll edit them into this post.
  17. Cool! Unlimited bad tasting stuff. :o Glad you had fun.
  18. Oh, no, I just cut it out of the Paint.NET logo. Thank you.
  19. That is, if I can find the time (and will) to write more.
  20. So I'm assuming you didn't make it? Also, it's common practice to post the sources of the stocks you used in a photomanipulation; sometimes it's required due to licensing issues, other times, just to see what kind of work you put into it.
  21. Haha, it only works when I post an image. :wink: @Excelsior: Looks good so far, is that explosion all PDN?
  22. Nice result there Fuffuloo, glad you enjoyed my tutorial!
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