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  1. He was talking to the person who posted right above you, Fire_Ants.
  2. Thanks Miguel. The only bad thing is that if you put my ice cube on a black and white (or probably any other color at all) background, it doesn't look anything like ice.
  3. I'll work on it. (After I finish my homework, of course) EDIT: I tried to smooth out the edges a little. I'm not sure how to round out the edges more though.
  4. Thanks Mike! P.S. The background is just a very subtle clouds with a Tile Reflection with -11 curvature.
  5. Does it look like an ice cube? Yes? No? Maybe? (Besides the extremely jagged edges)
  6. The colors are nice. Reminds me of spring. Maybe because I used them in my spring wallpaper thingy.
  7. They look nice R3venge, but they don't have a lot of depth, they're quite flat. New sig & avvy set, based on my PI + wallpaper, to celebrate my 200th post! Party! Wooo...oooo ... oo ... okay ...
  8. Wow! Is that 100% PDN? If it is thats awesome! If it isn't, its still much better than anything I could do.
  9. Just made myself a new sig. I cut out all 3 renders myself (the wolf, the human, and the map background). Took about half an hour. Whaddy'all think? And to center your sig, add the tag "[ center] SIG [/ center]" to your sig, except without the spaces.
  10. Lol. *cough*lazy*cough* Just kidding.
  11. Good job Ilyssa, it turned out quite nice. Glad you liked my tutorial.
  12. Locking it wouldn't help. To get to the 701st page, you need more posts. Locking will stop posting. :o OMG I r ON TEH PAGE 700 OF TEH OFFTOPIcZZ!!!!!
  13. Looks great! But the curved line is a little ... wobbly. :o
  14. Did you put everything on separate layers?
  15. That looks great! But try to refrain from double posting in the future. :wink:
  16. It is actually very simple. If you want something to "come out of your sig," make the area behind it transparent, like this:
  17. No problem! If you have any more problems, don't hestitate to ask for help.
  18. The font in the tutorial is called Visitor, and can be found at DaFont. Any solid color will work. Really? I never knew that. :? Well, you must be right, because you're Ash, and you're always right.
  19. First of all, welcome to the forums! Now, for the transparency gradient, you click on the gradient icon. Next, you go to the tool option bar at the top, you will see which type of gradient you want, and then a little icon beside it, that should look like :AllColorChannels: . This sets your gradient to a color gradient (from your primary color to your secondary color, or vice versa). Click on this icon, and it will change to something like :AlphaChannel: . As long as your primary color is any solid non-white color, and your secondary color is white, you can make things fade away to trans
  20. Nice work, but some of the edges need some AA. Also, for the screenshots, they're thumbnails, so if you click on them, it will open a larger image.
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