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  1. Cool, my mom's tablet supports pressure sensitivity in PDN.
  2. My laptop's charger broke and now I can't use it ... At least I was able to get PDN and other essentials onto my USB drive so I could port it over to my mom's tablet. But I won't be as active anymore because I'll have to be sharing this with my mom, as well as school work.
  3. Or, you could look at the bright side (this is the Sanctuary after all), and say that it inspires and motivates you to get better so you can match and surpass me? :o
  4. Having read LFC's post, I just checked mine, I have around 6k. But I haven't posted any new work in there for a while so ... meh.
  5. This is the positive attitude everyone should have. I'm sure the new stuff will be bigger and better. Good luck! Hey guys, this is the rants thread. No happy stuff allowed. :evil:
  6. I've got a month or so left of braces. Then to the retainers, which I've heard are bad, but my brother didn't seem to mind them. So I don't know what to expect ...
  7. Someone's discovered VECTORTUTS. I think. :wink: Nice looking battery thing you got there.
  8. Of course, I would gladly edit the quote to reflect your high level of grammatical ability. Wouldn't want anybody to think you less capable in English just because of some silly quote. :wink:
  9. Well I thought it was pretty funny. Anyways, on the topic of sig quotes, I believe I have found a suitable one ...
  10. I was referring to the typo you made in your previous post about House.
  11. Thanks Crimson. I just finished doing a quick color job on it but at the moment, I am too lazy/tired to upload and post it.
  12. You don't exactly come off as excited with your "Yay."s. They sound look more like the half-hearted, sarcastic kind.
  13. Well I know all those things about you too. So ha!
  14. Yeah, but we know your name. And we now know you're a freshman. As for the rankings, I'm glad my school is nowhere on that list.
  15. Yup, it did take a long time. A very ... long ... time ... :x I started on it yesterday, was about halfway done, when my stupid laptop just turned off for no reason, with no warning. I hadn't saved either. >_< I started again last night, and finished it this morning. There's also a plane, a bird, a fish, and a trombone. EDIT: And an eye.
  16. It's been a while since I posted any art, I think. Hand drawn, took a picture, and traced in PDN. ^^^ click
  17. Yeah, well that's not the only thing. My mom saves plastic bags she gets from shopping and has me carry my lunch to school in them. She also saves chip bags, bread bags, ramen bags, etc. to put my food into. :?
  18. School already started for me. Last Monday I think.
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