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  1. I still can't save as a VTF file...
  2. I would like this to be updated so it will work with the latest update.
  3. :evil: Way to go being the first person to make a shareware plugin for a freeware program! :evil:
  4. Yes! Awesome! ++ The sharpen tool seems to leave a few random red artifacts where ever I drag it. You should try to work on it.
  5. I can't believe how forgotten this plugin has become. It's sad because I use it almost every day. Great plugin!
  6. @ Myself: Nice! ** But really guys, I was just kidding (not about SadBrown being good).
  7. I can't even begin to imagine how much time you have put in on this program and coding you have done. You've created some of the most important and useful tools that have long been thought impossible to make and I respect you greatly. Thank you so much. + Hmm, this tool seems to run slow on single-core processors. When I get a quad-core, then I can truly understand the importance of this tool.
  8. There needs to be: 1) An undo button. 2) An erase tool. 3) A color option. 4) A twirling tool (AKA rotating brush).
  9. Your tutorial makes me feel stupid. What the heck is a reference point and what in gods name does the clone stamp tool :x ? Specify!
  10. Included the technique in my latest sig.
  11. @ EVERYONE'S WISH(S): It turns out that your genie/shooting star/magical drug dealer is a drug dealer, and you both get arrested. I wish I could get an XBox 360.
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