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  1. I use the Paint.net part if i want to know something, but i spend a lot of the time in the overflow, it's more interesting. There are some really good tutorials though. I'm for both.
  2. Actually, your resolution is 1680x1050. yes it is. i didn't see the 8 i guess. just looked real quick and missed it.
  3. no, it's on a phone. my name is made up of letters on 5 4 7 2 and 9, thats where i got it. Mix_M@n i like it. it's kinda cool. 8/10
  4. It's not bad, but seems a little plain to me. Could use a little more, once seeing your sig the avatar is pretty dim. Looks ok though. 6/10
  5. Paint.net, pretty nice and it looks good. I like it. 7.5/10
  6. 54729 just looked on a phone, and the letters of my name are one those numbers. kirby = 54729
  7. tribute to bugs bunny. nice. no i like it so i'll give you 7/10
  8. i use firefox the most, i like it the best, just got safari but, i don't really like what i've seen so far, so i don't use it. don't like ie 7, and haven't used opera much, downloaded it once, but took it off again, so i guess i don't like it. firefox rules this game.
  9. yah, i wouldn't mind an actual plugin, but i guess that kinda stuff will work. thanks wither.
  10. Hello, was just thinking of a plugin that would make hte picture look like it was melting. would it be possible? thanks
  11. nice ncfan51. 9/10. dobby, i allready comented on yours. lol. thanks wither for the suggestion, and um correction.
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