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  1. Taboo I love your sig! Its beautiful...very slick and smart! Thanks for the reply aswel...i have come to the conclusion of this site does not criticise as bad as other photo manipulation/creation site's...thanks for all of the replies though guys!
  2. They seem a bit plain...but otherwise nice job... Maybe Water reflection on one...Glow? Maybe..somethin to liven it up...not too harsh i hope :S
  3. Couldn't agree more Well Said all of you! I hate the PS3 it sucks in so many ways...stupid six axis motion sensor that was copied from the wii and doesnt work properly...crappy online service; you have to quit your game to read a message lol!
  4. Their site is very, very 'No 56K Warning' and i aint on 56K im on 2MB :oops: lol and it took a while for it too load for me! Ill check it out though.
  5. Yo...your looking at an xbox 360 fanatic! I love the 360 is owns all of the other consoles.....now now...i dont want any system wars...so all im going to say is that ive played all; I own a 360, my bro owns a Wii and I have played my mates PS3 and completed for him COD4(Call of duty 4) lol...he aint very good...anyway on to what i was going to say... oh yeh so ive played all and can say in confidence that I like the 360 better with in mind that ive played all! Anyone wanna add me on xbox live...(yes i have that too and its worth it) my gamertag is JS92 like my username lol...yes i have no imagination!
  6. Edited: Just changed the 'Star...' to 'Object...'...sorry didnt realise.
  7. Yes you may have already guessed what this topic is about... if not then let me fill you in on some info about them...(correct me if i miss or say something wrong) Rocketdock Objectdock This is an image of the Rocketdock™. Features: •Minimize windows to the dock •Real-time window previews in Vista •Running application indicators •Simple drag-n-drop interface •Multi-monitor support •Supports alpha-blended PNG and ICO icons •Icons zoom and transition smoothly •Auto-hide and Popup on mouse over •Positioning and layering options •Fully customizable •Completely Portable •ObjectDock Docklet support. •Compatible with MobyDock, ObjectDock, RK Launcher, and Y'z Dock skins •Runs great on slower computers •Unicode compliant •Supports many languages and can easily be translated •A friendly user base •And best of all... its FREE!!! Examples taken from Rocketdock site! So, Which one do you use? I use Rocketdock and have only just downloaded it and can i say that it looks lovely and slick on my desktop! If you want to(and i know that there is a section for posting desktops but this one is only for rocket/stardock)...post your desktop to show your Rocketdock/Objectdock! (I will later)
  8. Very nice looking site and a very good use of Flash and the creator must have worked long and hard to make that...buuutttt....i dont like the idea of using it as an image editor! i cant do any keyboard shortcuts, or have any plugins. Also i feel that on the 'Filters' menu, Clouds is very familiar...cant quite put my finger on it thouh.... ....but a very slick smart looking site!
  9. Woot Through the Fire and the Flames is an ace song....i actually completed the song on GH III earlier lol im bloody potato at it anyhoo im going to listen to that now...
  10. I like XP Pro over any OS...yeh i like vista but non of my printers and anythin that goes through a USB doesnt work with vista! which is fair annoying at times! But i am going to be saving up so i can buy and build my own PC i want a powerful one...and im going to have XP Pro on it which i can get £50 from a shop in my area ...but got to finish school and get a job yet...im in my last year sooo.....(Yr 11).... So yeh i like XP Pro the best!
  11. So what fonts are worth downloading then???
  12. What about an Image 'Stock section'?....I Or.....i dont know TBH i have two sides to this.... First it would be good... but then again...its supposed to be all made from scratch... What do you guys think?
  13. Did you do anythin different this time...?
  14. :O i think its quite good TBH...you couldnt make anythin like it does manually! and yep mines in too
  15. Yeh but someone could just think its a stupid newb question and completely ignore it...
  16. ummm my final entry is in the other topic...so no one look at the one in this topic!! Its poo!
  17. So what is the best and nicest font for use on sigs...when you put your username or a quote or somit on the sig??? Thanks guys...cus mine all look rubbish..i let my sigs down with the font!!!
  18. Hmmm its a bit dark...i think a fractal from your sig would be better.... buts it still very good... 9/10 So hows about mine?
  19. Yeh i searched it too...thats why i made a topic for it. But yeh that would be cool too... I thought of 3 things to ask for in 4.00+ and i only remembered 2 damn it lol...this one and the custom brushes question!
  20. Good idea...if it were only simple to do...well people that know 'coding' will be able to do it...but....yeh that sounds like a good idea...cant someone just edit a PS brush and evaluate the code and get some ideas on how to recreate another brush using different settings ect?
  21. Yeh i like the effect on the bottom two corners....its almost like a PS effect or fractal...
  22. What do all think about having like a "WordArt" feature like in most Microsoft Office programs...like to choose from these... So it would be easier to make text 3D and look better! EDIT by david.atwell: No polls outside of the Overflow. Please brush up on the rules. Thanks!
  23. Does every 4,5,6 version of paint.net come out once a year....so like this... 2008 - 4.00-4.99 2009 - 5.00-5.99 ect, ect, ect....? But i really hope this will be a feature for the 4.00 version!
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