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  1. Why isnt there a tech support forum on here? If people need help they can ask for it; if people dont want to help them dont go in that forum!?!? Simple.....because we all need help sometimes!
  2. Thats a starter tho....you have to build on that....eg use some gradients like from dark at the top to light at the bottom....just mess around with it until you get the desired effect and look!
  3. Slipknot - Duality zomg what a song....cant stop listening to it.... next: Cassie - Flyleaf (Ive seen this song mentioned on here somewhere) Although i dont like christian metal (eww) this is good song!
  4. The image is toooo big for here....i am respecting the forum lol So heres the link: Its Called: Wings Of Time! Please look at it!!!!
  5. Hi...been away for a while to really get into Chaoscope!!! And im came up with this (and others) What u think?
  6. The download page is dead can someone upload it as an attachment??? Thanks
  7. LOL Silence!!! I kieeel you (high pitched 'kill')
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uwOL4rB-go&NR=1 Watch it, have a laugh, and watch it again! OMG Soooo funny! Over 31,000,000 Views!!!
  9. Paint.net does not have an animation feature, and this means no animated cursor...sorry! Unless someone can prove me wrong?
  10. Nice!!! Its off Guitar Gero II lol Dam Dadi Doo - some techno/dance club remix stuff ?!?!? lol
  11. open it press ctrl+n then choose what you want then once youve done that prees f3 play around with the parameters a little bit then press f4 to render it. once youve done that click "save image as" so it saves the image Yeh but....i have done that and i always get rubbish ones which type is best to go with???
  12. Thanks i forgot about that!!! EDIT: Yeh it dont work...i need it go from the outside moving into the middle! And they just generate as verticle lines :\
  13. Just a quick one: A Bloodshot eyeball looking into the light!
  14. Gots me a new one:P: Rate away! Its the linkin park album in the background (Hybrid Theory)
  15. Whoever knows how to use chaoscope, then please teach me!! I cannot use this program....and its supposed to be easier then the other one (i forget what its called) But please a simple tut on it! please :wink:
  16. Oh your at school and you know how to script???? thats sooo coool!
  17. New Sig Also *above* you will need a few people to request a tut for....and im one....buti aint sure if there already is one!
  18. Couldnt someone...(a coder preferably) change some of the coding into paint.net terms and voila a plugin??? BTW the script/source is on the first link the TC provided and you should see something like.....ahhh forget it heres the link.. http://fc03.deviantart.com/fs9/f/2006/072/5/a/glass.scm and then edit that?
  19. ~you should try searching before you post a new topic as you may find many people have posted this question....also the tutorials section did seem like a place to check out before posting aswel? For a start you have to have an idea to make a button! So for example a home button....you need to draw or get a home icon of the internet and if you are looking to make it look smart and have a glass look then check this tut out: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1158 I think this topic needs locking as the search function is available and there are also many tutorials and other topics with similar ideas to answer your question! Admin?
  20. i dont get you?? dmc 4 is on the ps3 aswell. im gonna buy it when i have enough money i only have £20 Devil May Cry series was meant to be only for the playstation....buttttt, its now on the 360...so all the sony fanboy will be secretly crying as they have to share a game with the 360!
  21. My bro has a wii and he dont play it often...my mums says she wish she had never gone through all of the trouble to get him one! He prefers my 360 Anyway Devil May Cry 4 out now... and the 360 has a copy!!! So cry in your sleep PS3 owners!!!
  22. 94 Hours - As I Lay Dying! Next: Duality - Slipknot!
  23. ^ Nice but its a little bland...you should check out some tutorials on how to do some cool techniques and make some coll effects....but as your first post aswel and you first sig (guessing :s) its not bad but.... 5/10...keep trying though! I know it isnt in my signature but rate it anyway please:
  24. Why dont you WATCH my tutorial its on youtube...ill find it for you! Ahhh here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kjj1asCbeFU And for the font you need this font: Visitor TT1 BRK search da font for it!
  25. A bit of blue would make that look better! Also your the fact thing in your sig doesnt make sense.... because 97% and then 4% adds up to 101%??? huh?
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