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  1. I understand. But if the feature doesn't cost too much to develop, you could add it and see how the users respond to it. Do consider
  2. Which is why I said: Perhaps on starting with a blank image, Paint.NET can also show a pop-up that the clipboard does not have a valid image.
  3. Windows 7 has a feature whereby you can right-click items in the taskbar or point to them in the Start menu and you get a list of recent documents and such. Programs can control what appears in their respective lists. For example, well-known browsers add a "Tasks" section to it with shortcuts to open a new tab or a new window, or start private browsing. I would like Paint.NET to take advantage of this feature and have a "Tasks" section in its own list. As of now, I only want one task to be added in this section: Paste in to New Image. Usually I copy images from a web page or a document and open Paint.NET to paste and edit them. I find that I have to open Paint.NET then click Edit > Paste in to New Image (or the shortcut). But why spend time opening a blank image and navigate menus or press keys? With the command already integrated into the Windows 7 taskbar, I can do it more quickly and directly from the taskbar or the Start menu, skipping the blank image. As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'm attaching a quick mash-up I made using Paint.NET to demonstrate this feature: You can also add "Paste in to New Layer" but I'm not sure how useful it will be. Perhaps these tasks can enable an user to quickly paste copied images in layers or new images without switching focus to Paint.NET (when it is already running) and they would find it useful when they have to paste more than one image in one go. Also, Paint.NET (when not running) could start with a blank image when the clipboard does not contain a valid image. To other forum users: If you like this suggestion, give it your comments. You can also reply and state what other tasks you would like seen in the Windows 7 taskbar. I'm not sure if this had been suggested already, sorry if it's a repeat.
  4. Yea they should be mentioning what was removed, not just what was new and what was fixed. I thought developers do that in roadmaps. Anyway I will seriously miss pressure sensitivity. But instead of a plugin (it's such a headache to search for a plugin in a forum!) the developer should include it in Paint.NET's installer as a DLL. The setup should ask the user whether the computer they are installing is a Tablet PC (try automatic detection first) and whether they want the pressure sensitivity to be enabled. Accordingly, the setup can install or not install the DLL file along with Paint.NET. Problem solved! Oh btw, thanks for the information and the sources.
  5. What do you mean? Which line says pressure sensitivity of tools in Paint.NET has been removed? Is it bullet point 7, 8 or 9? Btw, pressure sensitivity which is useful in Tablet PCs, external tablets and touch screens is a very sought-after feature, especially for artists. It is one of the main things that make Paint.NET superior as a free graphics editing software. Without pressure sensitivity, you cannot draw lines on Paint.NET that imitate real brush strokes, and it's only as good as the good ole MS Paint.
  6. I doubt so. Usually programs updating themselves are prepared for non-default installation folders. Anyway we will see when Paint.Net 3.5.2 comes out. Or is it going to be 3.6? :wink:
  7. If anyone's getting Error 1603 with this update, just change the installation folder to "C:\PDN" (or "C:\Paint.NET" but I'm not sure). See this post for more details.
  8. Thanks man! You saved the day! Everyone else is trying "Windows Installer Cleanup" and other things, even reinstalling Windows! I don't have to bother with any of them as I got my Paint.NET 3.5.1 installed, thanks to you! Oh btw, I tried putting it in "C:\Program Files\PDN", no it didn't work. I think "C:\Paint.NET" should work as I suspect the error is due to the "Program Files" folder. But I didn't try it.
  9. I can see that you guys are making significant progress on this. Thank you very much for all your combined effort on this. I'd like to give you a hint that will give you an even better idea of what should be the effect of Chroma-key plugin: (Note: the end result of the three steps below is not the expected end result of the plug-in in question) 1. Using the would-be Chroma-key plugin, remove the green background of the Windows Logo on bottom left, thus making it transparent. (This should be the result of the plug-in. The steps 2 and 3 below are not to be done by the plug-in.) 2. Add a new layer below this now-transparent logo. 3. Fill this layer with the violet color which is same as the background colour of the Windows Logo on top right. After doing these steps you should be able to get a picture that's exactly the same as the one on top right. Then the plugin you used in step 1 is a true Chroma-key plug-in. Another thing I would like to point out is that you must not focus on the example picture I gave you, though that's a good start. The plug-in should work good with any picture in question, and it should respect selections. In some cases, for example, the background might be green, and there might be the same green on the foreground. In such cases I will need to let the plug-in know what's the background and what's not. I think I may have already asked about this, but I'd like to stress on it. Anyone with experience or prior knowledge in chroma-key applications (for example weather report video editing in a TV channel company) could contribute by suggesting methods by which these could be done. Also, please do research on chroma-key on the Internet. Thank you very much for your efforts, I can see that solutions are blooming. I promise you, this will be a really great plug-in, one of its kind. Who knows, it might get featured and might even be added as a standard feature of Paint.NET, giving it a true edge over Adobe Photoshop. That's because there is a chroma-key plug-in available for Photoshop, and it's commercial, not free. It's hard to use, and not perfect either. Photoshop doesn't have this feature by default. Keep up the good work guys, Arun
  10. I appreciate that all of you are trying to come up with alternative solutions. However these alternative solutions of using already existing plugins in a twisted manner to emulate a chroma-key plugin does not guarantee the full potential of a would-be chroma-key plugin. If anyone understands fully how chroma-key works, he or she can work on a plug-in that would just do that! Once again, I'm thankful for you all putting in efforts, and I'm appreciative of that. But I'm just putting in my two cents.
  11. WHOA! 12 hours and this topic has turned into a major discussion! PS: To get a better idea and a more detailed explanation about Chroma key, visit "Chroma key - Wikipedia". ~Everyone (All who replied) Thanks a lot for your time ~Panhead I saw the plug-in you're referring to, but I don't think it serves what I'm requesting for. Now what does that mean?EDIT: Yes, chroma key is mainly used in video, but even there, every video is made up of a series of photo frames (heard of fps?), so if a video goes through chroma key processing, every photo frame of it has to go through the processing one by one. This happens automatically at a high/real-time speed in live programs like a weather report. So I do believe the processing can be applied to a single photo frame, if it can be done to multiple photo frames in a video. ~Kristoff Yes, it's about replacing a specific colour (all shades of it) while still maintaining the other colours. It's hard to explain, that's why I gave examples of the weather-man and the Windows logo. If you didn't notice, the logo has shadow in all the pictures, no matter what the background colour is. ~Geoff Thanks for the heads-up and for volunteering ~ncfan51 (cc: Andrew D) Strip Primary Colour, I don't think so. I've never tried that plug-in but as far as the name goes, I don't think it will work how I want it to. Moreover Andrew's reply seems to confirm it. EDIT: I just tried the plug-in but it doesn't fulfil my request at all. Alpha Mask, read my reply for Panhead above. Thanks everybody once again.
  12. Can anyone be kind enough to create a plugin that can do chromakey effects on an image or a selected part of an image? Chroma key means removal of colour. Best example would be your favorite news channel's weather reporter. When the reporter is shot (camera) in the studio, he is standing in front of a green background (or blue). After chroma key processing it looks like he's standing in front of a dynamic weather report information screen. A picture example would be this: Basically I should be able to remove the background colour (of my choice) and go back to the transparent version (top left) without losing shadow and translucency (partly transparent pixels at edges).