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  1. I have downloaded your plugin pack , but my kaliedoscope is different from the one that you have from a previous plugin. The one that is in the pack is called KaliedoGenerator. I creates a kaliedoscope, but it does not work on any pictures.
  2. Here's my go at it! The original : The Pleasantville Effect: I also made the black and white part unfocused.
  3. Thanks for the comments. I added some more pics.
  4. Thanks for the comment! Blue is my favorite color.
  5. I know, right?! Lol. This was one of my first creation with PDN. I wasn't intentionally trying to make this. This was just an end result.
  6. Blue Flask: Blue Vessel: Sesshomaru: theSIMBUL Sig13: Dizzy Eye: theSIMBUL Pic 1: Blue Nebula Sig: eNvY: Abstract Orb1: theSIMBUL Sig 20: Eggstradonair: Orb 2: New June 2008 additions A new piece I did. Exploring shapes and effects. A sig I did for my sons. Another sig. Using Rat's watery thingy tutorial. Pleasantville effect.
  7. I got your message the first time you rated it. But I guess I'm its kind of growing on you, because last time you gave me 5/10! I like to say it's serene, or peaceful. @Bugster, 9/10 .It's cute.
  8. I have just one thing to say: Elbow to the Head! And knees to the chest, lol!
  9. Could you please say Why? Anyway. 7/10 . its soft but sweet It's great. It's just that I'm a color freak. Lol.
  10. Here is mine. Not much work posted yet. http://the1simbul.deviantart.com/
  11. My user name , the Simbul, came from a fictional character in the Forgotten Realms Books. ( i do love my fantasy books) Her real name , in the book, is Allassra Shentrantra Silverhand also, known as The Witch-Queen of Aglarond. Well, anyway, the last book I read with her in it was "Elminster in Hell". Mind you, I have always admire her in the other books , but in this one, she had fought so hard and long to save her man, Elminster, from hell and it's demons. I can relate to her because i feel this way about my husband. So i adopted her name.
  12. I believe that we should pull out of Iraq. This is my husband's 3rd time over there.We are a rapid deployment post. He's is not over there doing the job that he had trained for, Field Artillery. His life is put in danger to excort people around. You have to understand that the people of Iraq have no problem with commiting suicide and will take out as many people as possible when they "blow" themselves up. How do you fight people like that? Why are we really there. We got Saddam, ok, so why are we still there. Why aren't we concentrating on Bin Ladan? Bush went over there to try to do what his father couldn't. That is to get control over the oil.We are not over there rebuilding. We are over there trying to get control of the government.They didn't ask for us to be over there. They don't like us or want our help. So bring our troops home. We are not accomplishing anything over there, but getting our soldiers killed. There are so many soldiers right now doing crazy stuff just not to go over there. Cowards, maybe, but i can see from there point, that they don't know why they are over there and they are scared! Only because Bush wants them there, and they can't refuse! I wouldn't want them near my husband for the simple reason that they wouldn't have his back. It messed up that when there ETS is up, they still can't get out, they are extended. They government don't really know or they really don't care about the state of mind that these men and women go through or what their families go through. I have lost so many friends in "combat". We have a area where we dedicated a tree to the soldiers, from our post only, who have lost their lives over there. I cry everytime I see one get planted. What can we tell these soldier family. How do you comfort them. It would be different if we were going after Bin Laden. Then they would know why we are at war. Terrorism has been going on for decades. Yet we never interfered as much as we are doing in Iraq. This is not a peace mission. This is a take over! Sorry for the rambling. but i'm just sick and tired of waiting for some one to come knocking on my door to tell me my husband was killed "in action"!
  13. Jet Li's "Hero" Eragon Transformers I Am Legend Ung Bok ( I love martial arts movies)(even the cheesy ones, lol) Underworld The Italian Job Serenity The Matrix X-Men 1,2 and 3 Highlander 1-4 AVP Pitch Black The Chronicles Of Riddick Independence Day Live Free or Die Hard House of Flying Daggers Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon The One Once Upon A Time In China 1-3 and many more!
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