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  1. I have downloaded your plugin pack , but my kaliedoscope is different from the one that you have from a previous plugin. The one that is in the pack is called KaliedoGenerator. I creates a kaliedoscope, but it does not work on any pictures.
  2. Here's my go at it! The original : The Pleasantville Effect: I also made the black and white part unfocused.
  3. Thanks for the comments. I added some more pics.
  4. Thanks for the comment! Blue is my favorite color.
  5. I know, right?! Lol. This was one of my first creation with PDN. I wasn't intentionally trying to make this. This was just an end result.
  6. Blue Flask: Blue Vessel: Sesshomaru: theSIMBUL Sig13: Dizzy Eye: theSIMBUL Pic 1: Blue Nebula Sig: eNvY: Abstract Orb1: theSIMBUL Sig 20: Eggstradonair: Orb 2: New June 2008 additions A new piece I did. Exploring shapes and effects. A sig I did for my sons. Another sig. Using Rat's watery thingy tutorial. Pleasantville effect.
  7. I got your message the first time you rated it. But I guess I'm its kind of growing on you, because last time you gave me 5/10! I like to say it's serene, or peaceful. @Bugster, 9/10 .It's cute.
  8. I have just one thing to say: Elbow to the Head! And knees to the chest, lol!
  9. Could you please say Why? Anyway. 7/10 . its soft but sweet It's great. It's just that I'm a color freak. Lol.
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