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  1. where's the source code? O_O
  2. probably you didn't click where you want to type the text
  3. he already said that there are many size options in the printing wizard
  4. Hey long time that i haven't been here (almost a year). Do i have to rename the GIF to AGIF to be able to open it? :?
  5. where did you get that image it looks like if it were a doll.
  6. were you talking to Velese not BoltBait, and that doesn't look like nudity to me.
  7. i would recommend learning C programming just because its the base for C++ and C# from there you could make programs in C++ since its not obsolete yet or C#, but i would prefer to learn c++ before going into c#.
  8. I tied it and it doesn't work, it just say "problem importing video".
  9. you just go the layer that has the black box, use the magic wand and click on the black box, go to the layer with the 2nd picture and hit Ctrl+I then hit Delete. Did that solve your problem nanettealsop?
  10. thanks ncfan51 for your last post and bugster for the glass orbs and glass buttons tut, with that i can figure it out how to do it
  11. i really wanna know how to make glassy looking images and i already searched for how to do it. So if anyone could post a tutorial on how to make please i would totally appreciate it, thanks.
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