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  1. 110%pdn, no sources, mostly spirograph, polar invertion and seamless texture maker
  2. dark chocolate :arrow: :arrow: hurricane or blizzard
  3. when you are up at 2:50 and still have no idea what to do about the SOTW contest coming up....and when this concerns you so much that you just can't sleep
  4. Debating :idea: whether limiting debates :idea: makes the debates :idea: better is a great debate :idea:
  5. No, would be funny 16 and married...... By the way you should go to Julian (near San Diego) :arrow: best applepie ever,one small town that only makes apple pie *getting hungry* TPBM is for sure a geek...
  6. looks pretty nice Xune. Did you do it with the "Real photos ~ real screentone" tutorial?? @MR52: You have nice skills for that, but I am more looking fore something without having to draw any lines or borders because some pictures would just take forever...
  7. With the line tool it gets a lot easier, but with some images it is pretty hard to use and it normally also takes a lot of time. Lets just take a random image and you can show me your results...
  8. I think that the death penalty should be bannned everywhere, there is no effect that scares murderers or terrorists. In my eyes those peole should just be away from the public as long as they are dangerous. A long prison sentence or probably some kind of locked hospitals can cure a lot of people. Also 30 years of prison are a really hard and appropriate punishment, some people even commit suicide while in prison because they can't take it anymore, think about that.
  9. Umm sorry, tried both of them.... Oil paintings can sometimes be helpful but you just don't get any comiclike borders and the ink sketches always leave lots of black points everywhere. Anyway, thanks for replying!
  10. Hey everyone, lately I have been trying to develop some kind of technique to make photos into paintings or comics, but they are never really good, especially the color part is pretty hard... I tried to use median, outline blurs posterize, curves and pencil sketch. But I didnt find any technique that works in general. So if anybody knows a nice way to get good paintings or comics out of photos please post a tutorial! If you have done some pictures and don't remember how you did it, also post! edit: I already read all available pdn tuts on this topic, you don't have to post them
  11. Nice one Hamster, do you wanna do a tutorial? Please!!!
  12. Does something like the spider from the spider tut count for the competition...??
  13. 9.99 for that sig! Pretty crazy, u wanna make a tutorial about the blue stuff on the sides??
  14. OK, what about some kind of blur on the inside of the tube?? Would make it at least a little bit more real...
  15. True 8) 8)<==See?? TPBM's T-Shirt size is XXL
  16. No school tomorrow, because our school football team plays the final in the Chargers stadium !!
  17. Maybe the devil comes here form time to time :evil: Or you feel like one Where are the cheats for rl??
  18. Besides the fact that you are already rated, I will give you a 9, pretty nice.
  19. Techno or Trance at the moment ==> Better Of Alone by Rushroom
  20. I am pretty new to Paint.net, but after 3 weeks I got a few pics :idea: Tell me what you think about them!!!!!! <==They are all klickable
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