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  1. ... when you pissed your pants reading replies then trying to add your own ... bloody potato.
  2. firefox is pretty good but i like opera better personally
  3. granted you now have a very large projector but you go bankrupt from the cost, your friends leave you forever, and the projector falls on you and since there is no one around you die :evil: :twisted:
  4. ok there i fixed it umm ok your the best bmxer in the world but you get cocky and don't wear a helmet and break your neck i wish that my wishes could stop being corrupted
  5. G0Ooong you are immortal but you can still feel and are subject to an eternity of painful deaths :twisted: i wish that i had a million bucks and that it wasn't stolen
  6. Count to a million in this forum all you have to do is say anything you want while putting the number that you are on in your post somewhere and by the way... 1
  7. nope, im next [55] Alpha Mask Import by Illnab1024 [60] Curves+ v2.4 by pyrochild [70] Shape3D by MKT
  8. hi there im 13 and im really new to this well anyways here is my first attempt :oops:
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