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  1. :shock: i knew weave was the answer but i didn't thought about blending 2 layers together My pic will come soon Edit: one problem, i cant select size 4. The smallest size is 10 By the way Salu your "carbon fibre" is different yet nice, how did u make it ?
  2. Very nice thats what i was looking for hehe. Can you send me a pm with the instructions for that ?
  3. yeah something like that only i like it darker if u know what i mean. :oops: i thought "Carbon fibre" would be quite obvious... Ok if there isn't a tut guess il have to work until i get the right thing Thx anyway
  4. Carbon fibre(like in Need for Speed) ? Edit: something like this http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee16 ... ok_011.jpg
  5. Hello hope this is the right section for this post.(if not delete it) I want to ask if there are indeed carbon fibre tuts here. I used the search.net but nothing showed up and i've been looking for a good tut for almost 3 months now :shock: . Ty
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