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  1. Ya, this was a really good tutorial. My first one turned out bloody potato, but my second was pretty good.
  2. Yeah...sorry. I forgot to save the source and had named it FlySwatter (first thing that came to mind at the time). If you'll take a closer look at the "after" picture I attatched, you'll see that it can give the picture a somewhat colorful metallic effect. Not much use, but it looks somewhat cool on certain settings. It's my first plugin, and I haven't really figured out how to do distortion effects yet. Only color-changing stuff. Can anyone direct me to a tutorial for distortion effects?
  3. It's...kinda hard to explain. I'll upload the original image as well. It basically applies a weird effect that makes it look shiny, metallic, and colorful.
  4. Hi! I'm new here. My friend showed me Paint.net...and now I'm hooked. I made a plugin that you might want to check out, it's simple but cool.
  5. It's my first plugin, entitled "FlySwatter"...and it does cool stuff to pictures. Comments, questions, concerns? Edit by Rick: Renamed thread title to reflect the name of the plugin. I have no idea why it was titled "Overdrive Plugin" when the plugin is actually called "FlySwatter." FlySwatter.zip
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