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  1. LOL no i didnt draw them i think got the pic from photobucket
  2. heres mine! the reflection is weird but other than that i like it!
  3. That's how I usually do it, but I'm not going to restrict anyone to one particular method, so I didn't put that in the tutorial. @GradensMommy: that's..... very...... pink..... *achoo* LOL u alergic to pink???? need a tissue? i LOVE pink!!!!
  4. sry i was having a bad day that day........i figured it out after......thx though. :oops:
  5. Well sorry for asking i didnt know what that ment thanks for putting it in english for my dumb ... ***rolls eyes*** You could read on the first post of the topic, and few posts before yours: The DLL file is a part of the program, and can't be opened...Follow the instructions please.
  6. i try to DL this and it keeps telling me this file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. create an association in the set associations control panel what does this mean??
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