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  1. Really nice tut, was looking for this for ages! Heres my result:
  2. I got 1 that ended out really good I think. Here are my pic's The origional: and the new: Btw I made it for my GF, directly when I saw this pic, i downloaded it and thought about this tread
  3. This is a really cool effect, never knew I could do anything like this here is my version of the cave:
  4. This works better then I thought, really good effect! Heres my "cool" car , I also putted it a bit to the back, so it looks a bit like it is standing in a holder.
  5. This is soo easy and it gives such a great effect Im going to make loads of these Edit, I made one:
  6. ah, finealy found out how to cut off half the picture with the gradient tool. here is what i made: (God I love the R8! xD) . thanks for the tut!
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