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    carp fishing,model cars,learnig to use a computer.
  1. Sorry, I'm still not clear on what the problem is. Sorry i should have said,i dont know where the filetype folder is. :oops:
  2. Downloaded photoshop file plugin to file type folder,now the good bit as I'm a beginner with computers plus new to your Paint.net,which i also downloaded.Can you please tell me where and how i can get access to the said download.cheers.
  3. How you doing,live in Upminster.We've got a campervan and go to Norfolk often especially Oulton Broads.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome,cheers
  5. You sound a bit of a miseryguts i hope they're not all like you on here.
  6. Watcha,names Russ completely new to computing and i'm willing to learn,so be gentle with me,cheers.
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