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  1. Hmm.. I have narcalepcy.. I'm always randomly falling asleep.. Mostly in school, So every started calling me sleepy.. My girlfriend started it actually.. After falling asleep on the phone with her enough times, she gave me the name.. :]
  2. I was actually going to post more but I'll answer some questions first.. Yes I am speaking about the American government.. In the bible it states somehting about "Moses"/"Jesus"/"God" meeting Someone who came form a Ring of fire, described very much like what Humans believe to be an Alien.. No one's ever paid attention to that =\.. I didn't say 900 Million light years away I said 1 Billion :].. My Religion is Atheist.. Ok, I wanted to talk about the possible "Sasquatch(us)" Creature on Mars.. ars is red or whatever color.. A few days ago a picture was taken by one of the Rovers, where near a pie of rocks a "Creature" was seen walking.. Of course all Sasquatch pictures are taken when he's walking half way in his step, arm elevated.. and of Course, OUT OF FOCUS.. It seems no matter how Close/Far away The Creature is always blurry.. I was wondering with all the technology we have today.. Why are all these pictures coming out Blurry, Out of Focus, All black, A bright light, or anything.. If I have the power to connect with someone in China through a Gameboy, why can't someone take a half-way decent picture of "Bigfoot" or anything?
  3. Astronomer's found a large gap in the universe approximately 1 billion light years wide.. There is Absolutely nothing in it.. IT's a Huge Black Spot.. But when They decided to take an Adventure into it, they came out in a comepletly different place, another universe.. How do we know the Universe really doesn't end? Have gone that far? If we have another Universe inside of OUR'S, ow do we know there's not another one inside the one just discovered?
  4. I personally hate government.. And everything about them, but it is fun to stay posted on their recent slip up's.. It's a new year, so I guess they decided to try a new outlook on Space and UFO's and such.. I'm sure some of you kow about the "UFO" sghting in Stephenville, Texas. It was seen by over 30 people and a Pilot, and the Air Force stated, "We no longer investagate UFO sightings." After the UFO sighting, all radio stations started talking about it, and CNN did a report on it.. Usually Media knows nothing about UFO sightings and it never makes the news. Here's where the funny stuff comes in.. The reported sightings stated the UFO was 1 mile by 1.5 miles big., had flashing lights, hovered for a moment and moved quicker than any type of aircraft known, had flames coming out of one end, and was SILENT, for being 300 Yards above their head's. A few days ago the Air Force stated, they FORGOT they had flights going on in the Stephenville area.. (HOW DOES THE AIR FORCE JUST FORGET THEY HAD FLIGHTS GOING ON). They said they had sent out 16 F-16's.. F-16'S ARE SOME ON THE LOUDEST AIR CRAFT'S WE HAVE, JUST THINK ABOUT HOW LOUD 3 BLUE ANGEL'S ARE, IF YOU HAVE 16 F-16'S FLYING 300 YARDS OVER YOU, I THINK YOU'D BE DEAF 16 F-16's all together aren't big enough for what the witnesses described, and plus, the F-16's would have visible gaps between each plane. The witnesses saw one WHOLE object, no spaces, no gaps.. It was also said that there were Jet's chasing after the object, I don't think jet's would be chasing F-16's.. F-16's can't hover in one spot, or change colors for that matter. How can what these people saw, be F-16's? I think The government is running out of excuses to cover up things they've been covering since BEFORE the Bible Ages. You can only cover this up for so long before all you're excuses can no longer be used, and you run out.. But that's just what I think.. I want to know what other people think.. One more thing: I also think it's arrogant of humans to think we are the ONLY form of life in the entire universe.. Especially since the finding of a Second Universe.. =\
  5. Try Accessing it Manually FILE LOCATION: C:\Windows\System32\eudcedit.exe It will take a minute to find it with all the files there.. >_<
  6. Everyone knows there's hidden programs in their computer.. If not, you know now.. Anyways.. Umm.. I'll show you a program where you can Create your own font.. 1.Go to "Start" on the Task Bar 2.Click "Run" 3. When the "Run" box appears.. Type in "eudcedit" And this is what should come up..: You DO have different tools.. For creating letters/Images/ whatever you want.. If you cant see it.. On the "File" Bar at the top select "Tools" then open the SubMenu for "Item" NOW! After you create you leter or whatever it is you created.. How to Save it and Bring it up.. 1. Instead of going to "File" and saving it.. You go to "Edit" And "Save Character" I'm sure Many people know what Character map is.. In order to Access Charater Map go to Star>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Character Map Once It opens, Click the Menu to Change Fonts, and Above "Arial" You will see "All Fonts (Private Characters)" Anddd Your creation will be there.. Ok.. That's it.. Bye :]
  7. I got bored and did this o_o I know it's nothing big but.. I needed a laugh and did it..
  8. When youre dad starts paying you to make wallpapers and such for his computer and telling his friends for a certain fee you could do the same for their computer.. o_O
  9. I got a water-y rose looking thingy >.<