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  1. Oh! Ok. Like APNG's are Firefox - or have I got that mistaken?
  2. Wow! Awesome! I made mine an evil eye! Originally, I thought it'd gone wrong, but the mistakes I made seemed to fit in with the whole 'evil eye' thing.
  3. I mean Jpeg XR. If that's what you were talking about, why not?
  4. The easiest explosion that I've seen! This is one of the few tutorials that I've seen that I can happily think that it was 100% PDN! Here's mine: I think it came out well!
  5. Well, the new Firefox is still only in BETA, I'm sure, if this comes out soon, FireFox should support it. Plus, with all these 'Windows updates', I'm sure IE7 will support it too.] PS - First post! Wow, you guys sure do have a lot of smilies...
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