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  1. Lol, you're right The reset button doesn't work, but you don't really need it. I actually quite like this, it's cool for night vision.
  2. I'm 12 I've just had my b-day, quite recently
  3. Can this be decoded? It's kinda pointless otherwise...
  4. 9/10 I like the bird, and the way it's pixelated is cool, too. Simple, but nice. Very nice. Remember, whoever rates mine, it's a cropped version of this one:
  5. 9 I like those cool lines BTW, whoever rates my avatar, might want to rate this: It's effectively the same thing, but at full size (I had to crop the text off and make it smaller for my avatar)
  6. Because yellow is a rubbish colour used only for Simpsons copies and stupid smilies like Why have a :evil: smilie?
  7. 8/10 It's an animated GIF, but, like all animated GIF's, it has low quality.
  8. Oh, ok. Do you know a program (free, preferably) to make APNG's?
  9. I love DW. Always have done, always will do. Got all three seasons. I'm in the UK, so I see it straight away. I also watched the Sarah Jane Adventures, and Torchwood. And I'm glad that David Tennant is staying for a long time. But those 'year long breaks' annoy me.
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