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  1. Now see :shock: ??? I totally uninstalled paint.net, ran diagnostics and clean up utilities. Then did a clean install, re-downloaded shape 3-D from the link in this thread. unzipped and placed in my effects folder 8) . This time still no screen, made the image into a ball, and froze the computer like always :twisted: . I even had another geek who does computer builds for a living check out my system and nada. I haven't had a problem with any other plug-in. I know this is weird, but also frustrating :twisted: !! I moved away from this for a bit and played with the animated rain tut to make sure I wasn't crazy, no problems with any other plug-in the last couple of days. I have done the same moves as you, and got the same result...
  2. This plugin haven`t worcked with me at any time. The program freezes. I must youse ctrl+alt+delet and shut i down. I have re-innstalled it! Any tips?? Please!?