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  1. K...i have the option there in the LAYERS column, but it's in light grey, meaning not available to choose so i can overlap pics while working on my transparency. Does it mean the plug-in isn't installed? Am i missing a step here? Thx R
  2. Hey here. I've been using the Paint.Net program for a year or so now, and it works fine. Struggling a little, but i need to find time to get into the tutorials. Anyways...i just added this Transparency plug-in, but i'm just not getting things happening the way i want them. My daughter wants to print a calendar. It's just a 1 page "yearly" version of 2008. I thought it nice to add a faded dolphin background in blk & wht, seeing she loves dolphins. Problem is, when i try the plug-in, the picture fades but i see the little squares in the background. And i try to overlap the pic onto the calendar page, i still cannot see the calendar. It's like they cancel each other out. I've used Photoshop in the past and made many of these set ups, but seeing i can't afford the software, this program is the closest thing i found. What am i doing wrong? Rich