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  1. I would if i could make anything half decent but I am still learning yours looks great as always though
  2. @someone2016 i think your background is great @ Janett, your trees are looking fantastic can't wait to see the finished picture ! I'd better not leave the spoons out after all that hard work, lol - im having so much fun looking at what youre all making there are some very creative people here and I'm very envious.
  3. Very pleased for you wither Sounds like its been a good month all round I'm happy because its my birthdayyyyyyyyyy and I have no grey hairs (although i did get hair dye in my eye when dyeing it last night) and I got some lovely presents and spent time with my family - had a lovely meal and a few drinkiepoos of morgan's spiced rum and now chilling out and reading the forum x
  4. My favourite ever is Doctor Who I've been watching it since i was Knee High and hiding behind the sofa - I did also enjoy firefly and Joss Whedon's other works. I always find it a shame when good US series are cancelled because of the network execs when there is still a massive fan base out there wanting it to continue. I usually dislike "remakes" too but the US version of the office rocked - but i'm not too sure how Life on Mars will work out over there - US to UK remakes - "Who's the Boss" US - "The upper Hand"UK was good but the british remake of Golden Girls was dreadful - anyone else got a favourite remake or one that sucks?
  5. Ohhh I didn't know this was here !! And I missed the Poll by about 35 mins but would have voted for David Tennant I haven't seen any of you mention the Children in Need Special with the 5th and 10th Doctors, what did you think of that? I loved it and would love to see a full length episode with a few of the remaining ex Doctors in (except maybe 7th he ruined it for me). Anyone in the states who hasn't seen it, its on Youtube. I posted this in the "How to make Planet earth" tutorial and david suggested I posted it here, I am new to PDN and trying to make anything and I know this needs a few effects or something, but as I say I'm new and will do something better at some point hopefully TY to David for directing me here
  6. I know there is no way I could ever compete with the fabulous stuff I see here, but I just managed to make my first ever thing without following a tutorial. What I really wanted to do was make the christmas trees that janettsue and madjik did but my skill levels are nowhere near that so I totally gave up and somehow got this - but I wanted to post my first solo endeavour (yes its lame but im quite proud lol)
  7. My 11 yr old has just downloaded PDN and loves these trees. Is there a tut anywhere for these if not would one be possible? or a PM with some advice for us both?
  8. Hi This is a great effect and really easy for a noob like me to follow, here is what i got i hope its ok to share. As for a name I wouldn't like to presume but it does remind me a little of stained glass windows (sorta)
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