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  1. Really? I thought you'd say something along those lines. (and is reason why I didnt just PM you lol) Well, I don't know how to code anything at all so thats out of the question. Can anyone else do it...or try? Thanks
  2. I was just using the Ink Sketch used-to-be plugin and thought of a few things that could be better/added: +the color of the 'ink' could be changed +have the ink on a separate layer (so it can be edited and such) +the 'Ink Outline' scale to be extended +include antialias well thats just it.... I think it can be done... Well, can it?
  3. Is the Softness in the Outline Object supposed to be like that? It seems its truly soft at 255 only....when the width is high. When it's low it's alright though
  4. That sounds good, but what BoltBait said is even better.
  5. So that's like replacing the color with another one or it being transparent? That would be nice, and it'll make things easier. But I think you can get a similar result with Conditional Hue/Saturation... but it's limited.
  6. I've tried the film plugin and that caused a crash. Oh and this update is tight! I like the enhancements and the organization.