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  1. I agree, there are occasions when the new, static selection is difficult to see (I don't have 20x20 vision!). I was going to post a new thread, but found this one. However I also like the associated performance improvements. I wonder, therefore, whether it would be possible to have a View menu option(e.g. View->Animate Selection) that turned on the old mode, for those occasions when there are problems with seeing the static selection. The new method should always be the default at start-up; i.e. the animated selection is not a preference, but something that is actively turned on when ne
  2. ... that being said, a rounded corner selection tool woulkd make the process a wee bit easier to say the least!
  3. Thanks all. The key is, of course, to use a different layer to prepare the mask - I hadn't thought of that, but it is obvious now it has been pointed out.
  4. Is there an easy way to crop an image to have rounded corners. A rounded rectangle selection tool would be great. I guess this could be a specific case of a more general "shape selection tool", for which you have currently no ETA; however rounded corners is a common requirement. Currently the only way I know of doing it is to draw a rounded rectangle with a suitably sized brush, in a particular colour (and anti-aliasing off), delete the result and then fiddle around outside to remove any more unneeded material.
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