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  1. i like your Simpson's iPod commercial picture. and a bit of advise on that iPod that isn't finished you need to put in the scrollbar on the side. I still like it though.
  2. i like spheres too. i like your spheres. spheres are the best. am i obsessed!? oh well probably not important. :wink: oh and i like spacescapes. You have some really nice ones. I have some similar to that.
  3. hell my left arms come off too. how am i going to operate my digital watch now? i love your sig!
  4. is it just my computer or are all those images gone?
  5. wow :shock: !! Amazing the second one is my favorite. I think that it looks like a neuron in a brain. Just amazing. Really nice.
  6. Nice. i like your fire it is really good. I like all of your other pics too. Keep it up! Go Mario!!
  7. thats a pretty sweet sig. 8)
  8. looks like you are in the flowers not like you pasted yourself there. nice job.
  9. wow your pictures are amazing 8) !! I like!
  10. nice. I like that orb thing it is... mysterious? and cool.
  11. Your space reborn pictures are really cool 8) . Especially the first one.
  12. nice i like that one that looks like a far away star i have one similar on my gallery http://s212.photobucket.com/albums/cc28 ... nt=sun.png ^that is the actual picture
  13. That pic with the spheres was sweet. I like things like that I don't know why. who cares though
  14. I like how you spelled revenge, kinda like leetspeak (http://www.computerhope.com/jargon/l/leetspea.htm). Your pics are pretty cool too.
  15. Your pictures look very professionally done, like they were made for a company symbol or something like that. I like them.
  16. I can't say that i liked any one the best they were all awesome! nice work.
  17. your exploding planet is really cool. i like the orangish color on it
  18. Click on the first pic (it is a slide show and you have to go to photobucket to see it)
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