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  1. Something that I cooked up in a few minutes. Might try it again later tonight and put more time into it, but I still like the way it turned out. http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc284/anonymous6366/paintdotnet%20pictures/planetwithgoodbackground.jpg
  2. thanks for the update my old version didn't work with 3.36 it made lines of solid color every 5-6 pixels or so that were as long as the feather radius was wide. now there is no problem whatsoever.
  3. Thank you so much! I needed help figuring out how to make rings on a planet and I looked around for a while and found this. I just did the rings part. Here is what my 5min attempt yielded.
  4. alt+print screen will give you just the active or highlighted window
  5. yes that will work. i think that i can do it multiple times in different layers to get the different colors.
  6. I have tried various thing to get the effect of rings like on Saturn on planets that I have made on PDN. For example - http://s212.photobucket.com/albums/cc28 ... galaxy.png - I want to put rings on the orange planet but I cant figure out how (I would have just put the code on but it is too big). Does anyone have any thoughts? It might be a good idea for a update on the render 3d plugin, so it has a render 2d plugin. Thanks in advance
  7. i liked the mushrooms one and the radioactive one. r34l|y C0[]|_
  8. i really liked those they look really cool i think.
  9. This is what i got: http://s212.photobucket.com/albums/cc28 ... eworld.gif
  10. yeah i know but it is really hard to fix that because i need have the stars in the background and any type of blur will make the stars disappear. there is probably a way to fix it but idk.
  11. those flowers looked really good.
  12. i liked the exploding planet that you made, it was a lot better than i could ever get mine to turn out. I think that for the one where you put the Cars eyes on the car you need to do a little bit of blurring or something like that to soften up the edges a little.
  13. i liked your little animations. they were pretty cool. 8)
  14. that blackberry picture was done really good. Looked really old. You got pretty good at that antiquing process. 8)
  15. i really liked the blue vessel one and the eggstradonair one.
  16. cool! i like how you have a space style, that is my favorite kind (kind that i make too)
  17. i like all of your work. especially the vista style button thing. really cool!
  18. I love your pictures because they are the spacey type which i also like to see and to make. cool!
  19. wow i like all of your picture. i thought that the dragons fire breath was a good idea i think that i will try that. i like how your pics are... whats the word mysterious? somethin like that.
  20. I like your work. I like the blue orb the best. very clean 8) .
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