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  1. Bumping as its been weeks. So it cannot be locked.(Just thought I'd say that)
  2. 5/10 its nice but a tad basic kinda like my new one. NEW SIGG¬
  3. till the fat mod sings.(joke obviously) HOW COME I CAN'T SING.:'(
  4. Why does Janick Gers and all of the guitarists from Iron-maiden not there? They are great!
  5. Internet Explorer all the way! I never used Firefox whats it like?
  6. Welcome Russ! Remember... Though just incase... READ THE RULES! But I think that Andrew D is kinda more miserable than me! Hehe. I got myself noob-slapped from a forum once because of my critisism. But the thing is that the forums treated people like babies. Like if they done something really rubbish. Everybody goes "Awesome" "Well done" "Nice!" "Beautiful" And I was like "Texture needs working on and the base model needs work." And now I'm slapped until a mod jolly wants me not to be slapped.(never).
  7. @Chervil: Yeah. If you download "Blender" I could help out. And I'll see if I can get Reality Forgotten to join because is great in blender. Better than me. BTW He is not from these forums but from another forums.
  8. See what I mean in "Dead" there is nobody to talk to on there. I have a-couple of people on there but they never ever seem to be on. Oh and yeah Chervil I changed your name on there to "Chervil" Because you had "chervil" and you wanted me to change it?
  9. Yeah hi, I don't know if this against the rules but I seen the Igraphix thread saying about his forums. So I might aswell tell you about my forums. Well its not only a paint.net forum its also a game making forum and modding forum. (Mostly.) But I added a lot of paint.net categories(well three but ones general chat and the others are showcase and tutorials and I'm currently adding the plugin section. Well here is the links... Link to Forums... http://deathead.proboards99.com/index.cgi Link to mainwebpage... http://www.freewebs.com/deatheadstudios/index.htm The mainwebpage is made in fr
  10. He is just Uberly Awesome! And he makes nice cups of tea. How can I get uber to?
  11. This is some work I made...(I make LOW-POLY models so don't be too harsh on its quality.)
  12. 9/10 Nice design. I just love the sig darkshock but the text doesn't go to well with the background, but I'm fussy like that.
  13. Hey! Its nice to see your face again. And thanks everyone for the nice warm welcome. :wink:
  14. Does it too to me. There is no way of avoiding it. Its just where its loading up the fonts.
  15. What Lair. I see a website. :shock: lol Joking.
  16. Heh, someone I can relate to Anyways, welcome to the forums, and some pretty nice textures. Hehe.
  17. Like I always do. Joking. Well anyways I model low-poly scenery and texture them in Paint.net. Who wants to see a model I made? Well here is one(all of the textures was made in paint.net) This one was specifically designed for morrowind. But its so low-poly it can be used in world of warcraft.
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