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  1. Pooooooooooffffooof!! you know if you'lle get a day off or not.. but you dont.. i wish i had a perfect helper monkey and my wish inst corrupted
  2. Poof!!! you get a pizza but with anchovies that free chilli flake stuff you get and its a SEVEN INCH!!! i wish for a helper monkey who did nothing to me at all directly or indirectly and i do NOT die
  3. to david.atwell: you get out of the classroom at 4:00 BUT get killed by a crazed mainac who is later caught at 8:39 to Pyrochild: you get cheese but its blue cheese (the most evil of all cheeses) i wish i had a helper monkey which in NO WAY kills me
  4. *POOF*You get another wish.. but its corrupted i wish i had a helper monkey which DOESNT go crazy and kill me