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  1. I'm in love with the new piece I'm going to finish in the morning.
  2. Yeah. The renegade one comes with like a whole coffin for it, a stand, etc.
  3. Yeah, very fun. http://eslis.deviantart.com/art/Daft-Pu ... -141677007
  4. Just got done with 4 hours of DJ Hero. Unlocked Daft Punk! w00t w00t.
  5. I've only seen bits and pieces of it. My mom said she saw it at the theater with a bunch of friends in college, so she's excited for this movie. I love how the movie is going to be mainly CGI but with, well for instance the faces were the only real part in the trailer other than Jeff Bridge's part. One of the other cool things is that.. Now, I'm 100% going to this movie. Oh, and about the Guy Fawkes discussion. I remember when that movie came out. My mom loves anything Natalie Portman is in apparently, so she took me to go see it in theaters. I was 6th/7th grade the year it came out, making it the first R rated film I had seen in theaters. Now, I've seen Tropic Thunder, Holloween II (the newest fail at an attempt to recreate the amazing classic), Public Enemies (R?), District 9, Inglourious Basterds, and Zombieland (twice).
  6. Such a good movie.. Tron looks AMAZING: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AwvuirSEAA fake edit: just noticed blooper's sig.
  7. I know what I wanna be for holloween next year.
  8. Rant: Need a color scheme, but can't find any good ones.
  9. Happiness: #u2webcast http://www.youtube.com/u2?feature=ticker
  10. Super happy. http://eslis.deviantart.com/art/Life-of-Chaos-141485700
  11. I am going to say 'no', because I was around when it happened. I got the news both through these forums and through Tag Flow. May Code_Ember rest in peace... :shock: Tag Flow is over a year old now. May she rest in peace... Dang, you're right. :shock:
  12. Happiness: U2 show LIVE on youtube at 8:30pm PST tonight. Happiness: Bittersweet Symphony vs. LL Cool J
  13. Other than the Daft Punk/Queen/Justice mixes, this is easily my fav:
  14. My dad is really into that show. He's followed SG since it started.. years ago. When him and my mom were still together, they would talk about it all the time. I've tried getting into it, but I didn't catch on too quickly.
  15. Went to Best Buy in need of headphones, and they had DJ Hero set up in the front. Played about four tracks as Guy & Thomas :D. SICK game.
  16. Should we really argue about arguing about going to far? All I said is that I understand respecting his death, but acting like your mother died is a little too much. I'm not arguing at all. Its not even a debate, its me stating my opinion.
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