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  1. i would like to point out, not every one has a job......mexicans took me out of my landscaping business....the sad part is im not evening kidding...lol
  2. We don't even know UnlimitedMB will be any different. Do UM force ads on you? OK, but you are giving too much away to people. I will create a chatroom for the founders of the site and PM you both the url. kk, thanks sabrown, you should probally pm us here if you do it today, the forum has been up in total for maybe an hour today
  3. Will it let you download the database? Anyway, give it a chance - its probably just going through a string of problems. We can't just change the host whenever the site goes down. That is one thing I like about Zymic is that I have complete control over the database. And I know we just cant change. Once the forum is up I will make a thread for us to discuss it because we need to make a decision before we give out beta invites. agreed. p.s: i hope it comes up soon.... theres something i wanted to look at...lol
  4. okay, thanks guys, ill do some experimenting
  5. Will it let you download the database? Anyway, give it a chance - its probably just going through a string of problems. We can't just change the host whenever the site goes down. it has been doing it a lot though sabrown, id give it a couple days, but its been pretty bad, i havent been able to do anything on the wiki, partially because of that
  6. I agree!!! and the wiki, and the blogs are down mike....ugh....
  7. so this is saying that most people use 1280 x 960?
  8. what game are we speaking of? rant: my kitty does not like the rain....lol
  9. That's nice. I had an idea yesterday where you send me money. lol, boltbait, you always seem to make me laugh lol
  10. haha, not bad. i would suggest making the eyes bigger, and maybe making them blink
  11. @R3VENGE: im not sure wat it is about your sig, but something just doesnt rub me the right way about it, i like the concept, but it doesnt work for me, 6/10
  12. there you go haha, ther so much fun to make, and i dont even no why lol. i have a tut on how to make them, but its published in a secret location right now :wink:, id have to ask sabrown if it was okay if i revealed the link :wink:
  13. haha yeah, ive been like mass producing smile faces lol, here ill give you the links if you want to use them lol *leme get them together http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj66/ihclub_hockey/smileblink.gif http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj66/ihclub_hockey/smileguy1.gif http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj66/ihclub_hockey/OMG.gif http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj66/ihclub_hockey/Smile-1.gif http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj66/ihclub_hockey/Smileyyellow.gif
  14. can we all go back to being friendly and not mad?
  15. interesting points kreoos, ( i had something i was going to say but dumb short term memory....)
  16. haha theres always some one who has to pooh on our parade lol true
  17. haha, thats a good way of putting it. The US just likes to be different and control the citizens lol on a different note, wats going on with the pictorium today? have you seen how slow its been? i edited the same post 4 times in the last 4 hours because no one else has posted lol
  18. Downloading movies/music is really only illegal in the USA. I know for a fact that in Canada that if you download for personal use (essentialy as long as you're not making money off of it) the police won't even bother looking into it or charging you with anything. Although technically "illegal" according to official records, nobody cares. Besides, the Federal Court of Canada made a ruling saying that peer-to-peer file transferring is legal. In summary, if you live in Canada feel free to download as much as you like because in all intents and purposes it is legal. For further reading: File Sharing in Canada that's true, thats part of it that makes in seem misleading. people from other countries can post illegal music etc if they want, and americans can see it on the web, yet its illegal to download.
  19. okay, thanks david. also, in this day and age bands/record comapines are making less off shows than cds, when you compare it to the past, 50 years ago there was no such thing as a cd, allow cds and records brought in revenue the shows were the big deal. today, atleast around where i live, its not quite the same, most people i know havent been to more than 2 concerts in ther entire lives. althought bands/record companies still probally make more from shows than cds, its not like it used to be.
  20. i didnt say it was legal, atleast i dont think i did. if i did it was a typo.
  21. I know someone who claims to have a photoshop cs3 extended keygen. He downloaded that and then downloaded a trial copy of ps from adobe's website and whilst installing he used the keygen and now he's got what seems like a legal copy of PS CS3 EXTENDED (although it is a "cracked" version). yep, thats how its done, im not going to link to any sites, cus i dont want to premote bad behvaior, but keygens are easy to make, and easy to find already made.
  22. i personally feel that in a few years downloading music and movies, etc will be completely legal. The law is losing the war against music downloads. Musicians are making a lot less money because of it. I think in the near future musicians will go back to going on tour and playing live shows and focusing on shows to make money, the music will almost be like an advertisment.
  23. well, just because its possible doesnt mean its legal, thats wat you have to remember.
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