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  1. Okay i took it a step further. I drew a series of images to show you technique. You cant just start off drawing exactly what you want to draw. Your brain just doesnt work that way. First i create what i call a 'Skeleton'. Its just a really simple line drawing that i expand on. The line drawing shows the action and the shape of the body. Before: Now ive built on this 'skeleton' and created this. Keep in mind there were steps between these two. But these are the main ones. Here's an example of that face diagram i drew for you. This shows how the eyes fit.
  2. Chuckle...I like the word you've created... :-) haha, spell check wasnt made for lazy people
  3. awesome thanks bolt bait, im not sure how i changed it to 105, the zoom button on my pc goes in intervolts of 10s. O well. thanks boltbait Kevin
  4. hmmmm.... maybe ill restart the pc again and see wat happens
  5. ugh, i cant get to it right now, for now bolts method should help you. just find a random person then use ink sketch and study it to learn how to draw it. Here are a couple tips ill give you. This is the grid i use when drawing a portrait. Now remember there are things like ash's eye tut that can be used for the eyes. But any ways. Heres the grid. Look at this grid. The one i just drew up is a little sloppy bu thats okay. Try to figure out how to modify those shapes into eyes, nose, and mouth, its pretty simple. If you cant figure it out ill help you.
  6. thanks for the suggestion david, but i tried that before and no luck i just tried it again to double check and no luck...
  7. Ive having trouble with the display o f this forum, im not sure whether its my computer of the forum. I thought maybe i accidently messed with the zoom settings on my lap top, but i think there at the right place. Any one know whats wrong? here's a screen shot of the problem. p.s: i wasn't sure if this post went in GD or the bugs section http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj66/ihclub_hockey/error1.png Thanks Kevin
  8. I agree, i might make a new phone concept in the future and i forgot to add my opinion about yours. Your 2 phones are nice but due to the free hand... it looks a little sloppy, but overall good work 'Thanks for the comment. Yeah unfortuantly i free hand most my art, therefore it always looks a little rough, but iono of any way around it. I could AA the lines, but then its a pain the color, for this project i was happy with it
  9. @jerkfight the idea is cool, but the shape of the phone doesnt llok right to me. Its to wide, and the bottom curves to much, the bottoms of most phones either have a slight curve or there flat. look above at the phones i just posted, i think you know what im saying.
  10. one word..... show off...... well i guess thats two words...lol. only kidding, looking really good mike, i really like the straw berry fields one for some reason lol.
  11. hmmmmm, i have a drawing tut on drawing people on my other pc, but i wont be able to get to it for a couple weeks..... ill look and see if i can find it online
  12. haha i made a full size drawing , unless your talking to mike in that case.....to the corner!!!haha
  13. That signature unforunetly has been superseded by a signature I made for him, though I did also like the style. you always one up me mike thats okay though. your a good guy i can deal with it lol
  14. I guess this is the umbrella this goes in. I drew this up for a possible logo for my band, the drawing is pretty basic. The firey eyeball kinda thing was livewrong's idea. The fire i used from the fire tut, the eye ball was basically the eye tut with a little of my own touch, and the dragon i drew. not much to it, but i thought it looked okay.
  15. same. The new pictorium is different that what i suspected, but still awesome just curious, what did you expect?
  16. There's a couple I did honesty I think I posted one if not both of these in the old pictorium a while back. I didn't see a rule saying not to repost, since these fit the category I thought I'd put them where they belong . Maybe clearify about reposting old images here? Thanks Kevin
  17. Welcome everyone to my gallery, here I will display some of my works. Please comment on them. Let me know where I need to improve. Most Images are linked to the full size image. There are a TON of images on this page, so I apologize for the loading time. I've made most images thumb nails. It has helped a lot. Sigs/Avs Backgrounds _____Phones____ _____Sony500i___________Team Mobile Shadow_____ Textures/Abstract My Custom Brushes Random Pics ^^^offical image of the nascentdescent band, Not to be used or redistributed^^ ^^^Also an offical trademark of NascentDescent, Not to be used or redistributed^^ Custom Guitar Picks I like to make custom guitar picks, I get them printed for my band. Here's a few of my designs. Side1: Side2: Web Templates Smiley Faces Ads More to come later enjoy for now!-Kevin
  18. now Kevin! this old lady might just pop you in the nose for that one. lol, yeah i ment bicker, and im sorry oma , but you just proved my point grannies like to get into fist fights , only kidding oma . you know i would be a terrible artist without your help , and i really do mean that.
  19. lol this entire thread cracks me up, we should change it to the 'bicke like old ladies' thread, or 'fist fights for grannies' lol
  20. http://www.2p-spyphone.com/cf75.asp?category_id=2 this is what i used to use to track people haha, but seriousally i have it. its the most expensive thing i own other than my flak jacket and my spy cameras, i collect this stuff lol.
  21. I found Rick Brewster. In India, under a new law proposed a few months ago, the public is no longer allowed to do internet background checks on others. just cus somthing is illegal doesnt mean it cant be done.
  22. I've never even heard of Newport Bay. Heck, there aren't even any bays in Indiana. We're landlocked except for Lake Michigan to the north. newport bay kentucky? its where the aquarium is haha, i live like 20 mins from there
  23. Please don't create a thread called "stalk the poster above you" :shock: . Not that sort of fun. Sort of, interesting, I suppose. this is almost as creepy as one of my friends...he watches people sleep on the internet on thier webcams...its a proper website and its just people on thier webcams sleeping...that is creepy :shock: lol, revenge just pulled the old 'i know a guy that....' line. meaning hes the one who watches people sleep lol, i spent like an hour the other day taking a 'free' personality test lol. after i submitted my results it told me your could take the test for free, but you have to pay 10 bucks for the restults lol i was so mad lol
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