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  1. Hey everyone,

    My buddies and I put together a little band, and pretty soon we will be releasing our first album. The name of the band is Nascent Descent (meaning a new descent). I'm starting some art work the album. Its going to be called Standing Tall. I was thinking about maybe using something like a spiral stair case in a dark color black with dark Grey shading. I'm fairly new to paint.net, I no i can do this on MS paint, but the quality will not be as good and it wouldn't look at nice. I was wondering if any one maybe had some suggestions on how to go about creating a spiral stair case. Also if anyone has any creative ideas or suggestions on this album cover I'd love to hear them. If any one helps me with this I'd be happy to put there name on the album giving them credit.


  2. Hello everyone,

    First of all this is an amazing program. I love it. I'm used to using MS Paint because as much as i love art i could never see my self paying 700 dollars for something like Photoshop. Ive gone through the tutorials forum and tried out different things, but I'm having trouble creating what i want to create. I no what i want to draw in my head and may no how to do it on paint, but doing it on Paint.net is currently difficult. Hopefully when I learn more about this program it will be more about the art and not trying to figure out how to use features. Really any advice would be appreciated. One thing that ive been having trouble with is shading or blending. I'm messed around with the gradient tool and the paint brush and some of the effects, i feel like im close but not up to par. I noticed that most of the tutorials are how to draw this or that. Which is cool but i almost need a tutorial on how to do the basics.

    Thanks again!

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