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  1. updated with some web temps, and some other radom pics, please remember that some of/ most of these images are under copy right, especially the web temps and the logos, if you would like to use an image for somthing please just ask. Thanks Kevin
  2. I think of a cliff. Will post a concept later. thanks mike, iono why ive been so stuck on the logo, i just cant think of anything that has worked out
  3. so... i need some help... im trying to create a logo for my band, the name is nascent descent, im not asking you to create a logo for me. But Here's what im asking: When you hear 'NascentDescent' what do you think of visually? (for you that dont know what nascent descent means, basically it means a new journey) Thanks Kevin
  4. thanks for the advice expiration, i was debating between the two. Ill try it out and see how it looks. I was thinking of just doing drop downs on all the other pages so it didnt take so much room, but well see. THanks Kevin
  5. Do you think i should make the home page look more like the other two pages?
  6. Well here's a couple Layouts I made for my web page. Home Page Photos Discography *Note I left out the content, just posted the layouts. Let me know what you think. I decided to make the home page different from the others, im not sure if that was a good idea or not.
  7. we need to get that going again. Maybe ill get that going again this week.
  8. I'm working on template for my band website, I'm having a hard time coming up with one that I really, really like. Here are a couple I drew up, Let me know what you think! They all need touch ups. But for the most part there done. Feed back please , also please tell me which one you like the best . any comments? please? lol
  9. Here's a quick one i did, nothing speical but i thought it was a funny concept.
  10. hmmmm, well..... im trying to think how to say this.. Basically if you open threads there are defenitely images larger than 800x600 is some, maybe this will get corrected over time. I guess i feel like a hypocrite because if you look at my gallery there is over 70 images, but i used thumbnails, i guess the reason im saying this is because if i would have created my gallery with my full size images it would have been ridiculous.
  11. the other thing i would say is maybe make a rule, or highly encourage posting images as thumbnails. Some images are just huge, and take for ever to load. I had a bunch of large images, i changed them all to thumbnails.
  12. hmmmm, sabrown and boltbait you have good points. There are just so many galleries lol, i guess its easy to figure out which are the good ones and which arent for me.. but still. O well its just because im OCD and EVERYTHING has to be orginized lol (yet typos dont bug me...lol)
  13. hmmmm, well i see that a bunch have people have been creating galleries, myself included, i think this is create. But i think that some of the galleries should get stickied. I just feel like there are so many, and people like ash oma boltbait, etc. should have stickied galleries.
  14. New texture added. I used some of my custom brushes to create it.
  15. thanks expiration! also there are a couple of my brushes that can create that texture. feel free to use them. edit: also updated my custom brushes, added the ones from my 3rd brush pack.
  16. im guessing your talking about the paper effect in that sig, i feel bad but i forget who made that , i made the sig, but the texture was created by one of the other members. They posted it in the old pictorium. Yeah oops o well ill let the team mobile go for now . @Mike I guess you can come out mike Ill redraw some gears for ya here in a min. (gotta finish my pizza )
  17. Well im working on my gallery, and Im not sure how to do two things. First off I know how to turn an image into a thumbnail but adding th_ before the file name, but how to make it so when i click the thumb nail to show it full size?
  18. I made some custom brushes, i combined a few of them and came up with some cool textures. Im thinking of ways to use them. Leme know what you think.
  19. Thanks for the advice nab, i think illl try a couple things you said. Thanks Kevin
  20. thanks for the advice, how can i make the viper look further in front?
  21. Im working on a sig, i found a cool stock of a viper and im trying to work with it, but im just not sure how i should use it. what i did looks terrible.... im stuck. I wanted kinda a dark color scheme for the background, then the car to be the main focal point. edit:well..this is much better, but still not right...iono what it needs. edit: alright im gona edit this one more time, im not sure if im going down the right path, input please
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