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  1. I like simple signatures for the most part. Busy signatures aren't my favorite. However, I kinda like your green crazy thing ^_^. 9.3/10
  2. "Hey John" by The Devil Wears Prada. Lyrics: "the concept of fashion is the one to blame: painting the portrait of conviction-less existence. well, it must be difficult being so gorgeous. claiming to be the kings and queens but it's all of nothing. this shall pass. megalomania. congratulations on mutiliation for a life. i'm going to hope for you, i'm going to pray for you amongst the wreckless and the black. salvation lies within. my time is your's my friend. we all find ourselves so horribly weak. (Oh God,) here's an offering."
  3. So this is technically my only 4th(ish?) 'official' (as in posted on here) and it's also two of two things I created with PdN I actually semi-wanted to make.
  4. I played Runescape for 1 week. I got level 50ish and almost 1mil in gold. It was fun for the week, then I lost interest. I did hear of this game though...
  5. Well, I created something really quick, just more messin' around so I can get used to the different plug-ins, and whatnot. Testing something on Zoomblur (I'm going to download that plug-in after work, infact I have to leave for work in about 5 minutes, so... yea ^_^) Oh, by the way, I <3 Paint.Net
  6. It doesn't fit with spaces or with an 'e' in Departed, so I changed it to Departd Rubrica - sounds like ruby, which is a red gem, and I like the color red. sooo 9.9/10.
  7. Symphony of the Departed. I was thinking of a name for a band (which has no more relevance), and I was like Orchestra of the Dead. I debated amongst my thoughts and figured that "the dead" was too blatant and 'demented'. So I tried to think of words for "dead". I had a synonym, but I couldn't quite remember it, I knew it started with a d, but I was stumped.So, I of course, went to the nearest thesaurus (thesaurus.com!). I typed in dead, and there, my memory was refreshed and I got "departed". So now I had: Orchestra of the Departed. Still, I was not satisfied. I began a brainstorming session (it lasted around ten seconds), then I came to the final conclusion of: Symphony of the Departed.
  8. "A Little Piece of Heaven" - Avenged Sevenfold (one of the most disturbing songs I've heard)
  9. Panhead - 9/10, simple, creative. Carbonize - 9.01/10, different.
  10. I'm fairly new to Paint.Net. I had recently downloaded it about two nights ago, playing with the different features. ^_^, I'm not sure how this turned out, but it looked ... neat?
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