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  1. Well I found it extreemly useful. I often write in Welsh and French and have to use microsoft word to get the odd characters I need. It'll be fun to try them out in the forums perhaps.
  2. I loved your bubbles and so did my gran.
  3. I had to download it several times because it kept downloading 3.2 alpha. I ran the repair programme and downloaded it again and it worked - so it must have been something in my own computer stopping it. Seems to be running now anyway - thanks. I was quite lost without my PDN for designing cards and T-shirts.
  4. My version 3.2 has expired. It sends me to the page to upload the newest version - also called V3.2! Not suprisingly this one doesn't run either I get the message that it has expired! How do I get the new update and what is it called?
  5. I did exactly that a Christmas banner for my zazzle page. I scanned in a piece of Christmas wrapping paper (why make it more dificult?) and drew a snowman on PDN using just the gradient tool. It turned out OK. It doesn't work as a link here though
  6. You go into a coma and wake in four weeks when it is Christmas. I wish my avatar could talk
  7. :twisted: POOF! but the car is a bomb in duisgise I wish that in school, you actually LEARNED!
  8. So you can afford to buy lots of potato chips and coke to munch on while playing on PDN Why can't I copy and paste the colour wheel onto my picture?
  9. I create and make puppets. Mr. Wolf is my favorite (the one in my avatar) he was built for a contest on Project Puppet but didn't win. I design T-shirts etc for Zazzle and actually make a bit of an income at it. PDN is making my drawings much better I love competitions and any going; I have probably entered I was also pretty good at Rubik's cube. I could solve it every time but it often took a long time to do so. I walk for miles every day with my dog - it gets me away from the madness of the house for a while.
  10. There is a planet called Art; but it is short for Arthur. I wish someone else would pay all my bills for me
  11. You do, but Smiley Central claims you pinched them and sues you I wish I could turn into any animal at will
  12. Volt conjures up images of electricity or large amounts of stored data. Great name for a graphic artist 9/10
  13. I'm still new. I followed a tutorial on exploding planets. I loved the result so much I did this with it... Then did a tut on animation and got this... and finally did a tut on sigs and made this...
  14. I used the same idea to make myself some sigs too. Don't forget I'm totally new to all this. Which is the best? no.1 and no. 2
  15. Thanks Bob; I thought things were beginning to look a little samey here so I gave it a bit of p'zaz. Great to be a part of this. Great fun.
  16. quote] Ha ha...welcome! Thanks Lionhearted, it's lovely to be here; What fun!
  17. Thanks for posting this I had fun... weeeee! and a little wobbly but cute for the holiday season Watch his antlers when he hits the high notes
  18. I wanted to enter a card-making competition on zazzle. But in order to do that I had to do "transparencies" - I'd never heard of them. A dear friend gave me the site to download this pdn. I've loved it ever since, and have even made posts in the forums to show off my work. "Exploding planets" tutorial and "how old are you" in overflow
  19. Who me? oh, I'm REAL old. But I just love my new widgety gadget called paint.net. I've been busy, in fact, this is me.... Not really, but I enjoyed doing that! Anyone can be anything on the internet - that's why I love it!
  20. I followed your tutorial and loved the result so much, I decided to do something a little different with it..... What a splitting headache!!!!!
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