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  1. Well I found it extreemly useful. I often write in Welsh and French and have to use microsoft word to get the odd characters I need. It'll be fun to try them out in the forums perhaps.
  2. I loved your bubbles and so did my gran.
  3. I had to download it several times because it kept downloading 3.2 alpha. I ran the repair programme and downloaded it again and it worked - so it must have been something in my own computer stopping it. Seems to be running now anyway - thanks. I was quite lost without my PDN for designing cards and T-shirts.
  4. My version 3.2 has expired. It sends me to the page to upload the newest version - also called V3.2! Not suprisingly this one doesn't run either I get the message that it has expired! How do I get the new update and what is it called?
  5. I did exactly that a Christmas banner for my zazzle page. I scanned in a piece of Christmas wrapping paper (why make it more dificult?) and drew a snowman on PDN using just the gradient tool. It turned out OK. It doesn't work as a link here though
  6. You go into a coma and wake in four weeks when it is Christmas. I wish my avatar could talk
  7. :twisted: POOF! but the car is a bomb in duisgise I wish that in school, you actually LEARNED!
  8. So you can afford to buy lots of potato chips and coke to munch on while playing on PDN Why can't I copy and paste the colour wheel onto my picture?
  9. I create and make puppets. Mr. Wolf is my favorite (the one in my avatar) he was built for a contest on Project Puppet but didn't win. I design T-shirts etc for Zazzle and actually make a bit of an income at it. PDN is making my drawings much better I love competitions and any going; I have probably entered I was also pretty good at Rubik's cube. I could solve it every time but it often took a long time to do so. I walk for miles every day with my dog - it gets me away from the madness of the house for a while.
  10. There is a planet called Art; but it is short for Arthur. I wish someone else would pay all my bills for me
  11. You do, but Smiley Central claims you pinched them and sues you I wish I could turn into any animal at will
  12. Volt conjures up images of electricity or large amounts of stored data. Great name for a graphic artist 9/10
  13. I'm still new. I followed a tutorial on exploding planets. I loved the result so much I did this with it... Then did a tut on animation and got this... and finally did a tut on sigs and made this...
  14. I used the same idea to make myself some sigs too. Don't forget I'm totally new to all this. Which is the best? no.1 and no. 2
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