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  1. Excellent! A 'Review' button - for comparing with the original - would be very useful tho. :idea:
  2. The following effect DLLs are replaced by this plug-in and can be removed if they are still in your PDN effects directory: HueSatFilter.dll Octagonal.dll Thanks for the info. Btw, I agree with oma about individual DLLs...
  3. You should mention which DLLs are being replaced, to avoid double entries in PDN's menus. :wink: Thanks for the update and new effects!
  4. Great cleanup Simon! Now, the only thing missing is the date of the newest update at the title of the thread (YYYY-MM-DD)... :wink:
  5. From what you're saying I'd bet you're still using the older version of PDN; just update to the newest one and you're done! :wink:
  6. What about an approach like lazy evaluation, where a given flag is first searched at the repository; if it's found, it's loaded from there, if not, it gets downloaded, stored there an used in the same manner? This way each one is downloaded only once - when first used - and the whole download process is diluted... :wink:
  7. Is this plugin still being developed? (it's still a beta version, right?) :?: Anyways, thanks!
  8. Nope, not alone; same here: both details buttons and also updating an effect are throwing this same exception...
  9. And errors start showing... again! :shock: Now it's up to you, david... :wink:
  10. [offtopic] Old? Dunno... Give up? Why? You must remember that I didn't start it and, besides that, I'm 'kind of' schizophrenic... Sure! All the time... but... wait! I'm already having lots of fun!! [/offtopic]
  11. My vote: [50] Alpha Mask Import by Illnab1024 [35] Curves+ v2.4 by pyrochild [60] Shape3D by MKT (I'll keep my alternate score hidden... - for now! :wink: ) Btw: well, where's Pyro? :?: :?:
  12. Oh well, well, well... where's Pyro? :?: :?: I'm patiently waiting for him, as he's supposed to show me exactly where, in my posts throughout this thread, are the 'discrepancies' and 'ambiguities' he so kindly mentioned while ranting. (he thought I am 'schizophrenic' - what a lovely word, no? - due to them, mind you...) I was just wondering... if he manages showing me them, then it'll be crystal clear why he thought that about me and I'll thank him, tell him his vote counting is right and mine is wrong, and then seriously consider his concern about my mental health, to the point of even heading myself to a psychiatrist as soon as possible... on the other hand... :twisted: :twisted: Anyways - I personally find anyhoo just disgusting... - anyways, where's Pyro? :?: :?: [/end of irony] Where are all those voters of other days? Still waiting for a convincing, unbiased closure? Guess what: me too... :wink:
  13. Ok, if you say so... well, to help you in pinpointing those ambiguities I'll reproduce all of them here, unaltered but numbered. Say the number and then where's the ambiguity:1. A Vote: 2. An Alert: Hey Bob! You're not supposed to hurt two plugins in just one post!! Please rectify your post... LOL 3.A Correction: (not a vote, as clearly stated) Yes, but his error was in the opposite direction; just look at the first post at this page (p. 4): he's forgotten to add his own heal points. As for Dents, Wither has changed its points from 20 to 30 due to Bob's error; this is still to be rectified by Bob (sorry, but just Bob ) Soooooo: [75] Alpha Mask Import by Illnab1024 - ok! [10] CodeLab by Tom Jackson - ok! - Panhead's error corrected!! [70] Curves+ v2.4 by pyrochild - ok! - (Panhead + usedHONDA)'s error corrected!! [20] Dents by Ed Harvey - or 30, depending on Bob's verdict... [50] Reflection Water by MadJik - ok! - no hurt nor heal since the beginning... (wow!) [40] Shadow / Highlight Recovery v2.0 by Tanel - ok! [40] Shape3D by MKT - or 50, depending on Bob's verdict... Hey guys, before changing again it'd better getting a calculator at hand... (or else I'll call the Professor... ) ps: please note that I didn't vote, just recalculated all values... :wink: 4. A Vote: (also clearly stated) 5. A Vote: (OMG, I didn't mention it's a vote!! :twisted: ) 6. A Correction: (of a correction...) Clearing up even further: - After TheVoid's vote, Curves+ had 60; when DarkShock91 voted, he's hurt Curves+ but subtracted only 5 points instead of 10 from it... Attention mates: Heal -> +5 / Hurt -> -10. So: [85] Alpha Mask Import by Illnab1024 [50] Curves+ v2.4 by pyrochild [10] Reflection Water by MadJik [65] Shape3D by MKT EDIT: (Due to this, I'll have to fix Wither's data too... :evil: Se my next post!) 7. A Correction: Due to the aforementioned error, this is the scoreboard after Wither's vote: [85] Alpha Mask Import by Illnab1024 [50] Curves+ v2.4 by pyrochild [0] Reflection Water by MadJik [dead] [70] Shape3D by MKT @DarkShock91: dude, you've just voted 57 minutes before your second vote (in a row)!? Could you clear things up a bit? (...and also correct the scoreboard, will you?) @usedHONDA: after his explanation/correction you'll need to edit your post too because... @all: Reflection is already out!! Guys behave, will you? :evil: 8. A Correction and then A Vote: (will you say it's not clear enough??) 9. A Correction: (the final one!) 10. A Comment: Just trying to keep my sanity... 11. A Reaffirmation: (of 9. above) Ok, so now I'll reaffirm my findings, as I've been trying to keep it right since I've joined this thread (nothing against yours, Pyro!): I'd suggest you, David, trying to figure out yours, as there are two different findings... Wow! It's already 4:57 am over here! :shock: Done!! Pleeeease show me this one!! OMG, I hurt a poor dead... :shock: Show me this one too, will you? (I think I'm getting blind!) Not understanding is not an excuse to just going on and ignoring something; that's why your findings differ from mine! Why didn't you do like me, showing the possible problem and asking for clarification?Sooooo, now, who's playing the schizophrenic here? (nice word, btw...) :twisted: Greetz, Panta.
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