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  1. This happened to my installation as well. The UI language being Dutch, the language selection menu actually pointing to Portugese.
  2. See sceencapture of an example where the OneNote icon in RocketDock has been replaced by the PdN icon. Of course it's easy to blame RocketDock. After all it's old, no longer maintained and it does have its peculiarities. But this this has come up on and off since recently. Is it related to Paint.net v4, some Windows 8.1 update, Rocketdock getting lost on its icons, ...? I cannot tell, but I think it suspicious that it's always the PdN icon that is the replacing icon. Edit 3/3/2014 - Added second screenshot demonstrating another occurrance of the phenomenon
  3. paint.net is working perfectly on Windows 8 or 8.1. This counts for the v4 beta as well as for the current v3.5 Question #2 really is a regular usage question. Did you already check the online Help? (You can use "Edit - Paste as new image" or better shortcut key CTRL+ALT+V for this.)
  4. Nice, I hope you found an easy way to bulk-approve it all? Quite by chance I noticed - and corrected - a minor error in the Dutch translation. Will you be doing more (bulk) approvements with the next release?
  5. I had a similar experience. In my case ALL translations were in fact mine, be it that in some places I'd made corrections/improvements, which caused for multpile translation instances. My guess is that somehow the Crowdin system does not select the most recent translation. Yesterday, I went through all translations and removed all doubles/tripples I'd created over the past week and made sure only the best (most recent) translations remained. I'm pretty confident that the next release will show my latest (improved) translations alright.
  6. Ha, I've been experiencing a similar thing for the last couple of weeks/months, where icons in Rocketdock are randomly replaced with the PdN icon. Of course Rocketdock is a pretty ancient program that is no longer maintained and things were always easily fixed by bringing up the Icon options dialogue, but still .... intriguing. If I daresay: could it be related to PdN v4 alfa's and beta's? Mine is: W8.1 with all latest updates Well protected against malware
  7. Hi Rick, Upon installation of this latest build, I got the impression that some of my last-minute translation updates hadn't made in time. Yet looking at the time of your previous post my latest updates should have been included. Looking further I found that the paint.net folder contained a new file "PaintDotNet.Strings.3.nl.resources" as well as the file that I had been building until now "PaintDotNet.Strings.3.nl-NL.resources". For nostalgic reasons or otherwise the program had decided to pick up my old *.nl-NL-resources file rather than the latest *.nl.resources. This was easily fixed by removing the elder file, but it does bring up the question: Since there are two conventions, how do you determine whether to use the abbreviated language naming format (nl) or the full format (nl-NL)? Mind you, nl-BE also exists as a language variant.
  8. Rick, I just want to say that Crowdin is just perfect by me and I wouldn't mind continuing with it. One minor thing: as long as there's just one contributor for a language, its translations cannot be voted upon, let alone approved. I assume we can live with that. Cheers, Stephan
  9. After import of the resx file, is there a nifty trick to bulk-commit all imported translations, or do I have to check them one by one using CTRL+Enter?
  10. The Dutch translation file has been updated for pre-release 5143. See previous message in this thread.
  11. I'd say that an earlier posting of mine is related to this.
  12. Hi, Nowadays you see programs that install in the C:\users\[username]\AppData\Local\ or C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\ folder, rather than c:\program files\. I have mixed feelings about this, because it confuses me where a particular program is installed. But I do understand the benefits. Installation in c:\program files\ requires administrator rights, whereas installation in the AppData can be done without (administrator rights). The same counts for pdn plugins. Currently they need to be placed in c:\program files\Paint.Net\plugins, which can only be done with administrator rights. In a strictly managed environment I'd need to ask my system administrator to help me add a few plugins to the pdn install folder structure. (Really, our system administrator can not be bothered with such trivial requests ;-) But if there was a secundary location where plugins can reside, e.g. C:\users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Paint.Net\Plugins\ Then any (low-rights) user could add his own plugins to an existing Paint.Net installation without the involvement of an administrator. Wouldn't that be great? Maybe such a scheme could be included in the upcoming PDN 4?
  13. What kind of language contribution were you actually thinking of?
  14. The Dutch translation file has been updated for pre-release 5105. See first message in this thread.
  15. Looks interesting. For the Dutch translation I've got a pretty nice setup based on Zeta Resources Editor (http://zetaresourceeditor.codeplex.com/) plus a few batch files, but I can see the benefit of a collaborative community system. Free license for open source / academic. Do you think you'll be able to pull that off? Account setup will have to be done centrally (by Rick c.s.) Will it be possible to import the existing translations (NL, FI, PT, PL)? I would not be a happy chappy having to start all over (again). How would (new) translators apply to join in? Application procedure? Stephan
  16. Pre-release build 5086 appears to have received a couple of new texts. (It would be nice if this would not have to be discovered by chance ;-) I've updated the Dutch translation file in the first message in this thread.
  17. Voor download- en installatie-instructies, zie post #12 in deze discussie. Kort en goed: zorg dat het bestand PaintDotNet.Strings.3.nl-NL.resources terechtkomt in de map C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\
  18. DRAW SHAPE while holding SHIFT creates the shape in a symmetrical form. Very handy, but there is a snag. It looks like the rotation anchor is generally positioned halfway the width and halfway the heigth of a shape. For symmetrical shapes (created while holding SHIFT), it would be a benefit if the rotation anchor be positioned at the intersection of the symmetry axes, thus making rotation behave more naturally. DIY example: Draw a symmetrical triangle while holding Shift Rotate the triangle Awkward
  19. Understood. So, if the word Copyright is included in the information from the plugin itself, the string SettingsDialog.Plugins.SupportInfo.Copyright.Format is omitted. Ain't that clever?
  20. Mouse Over Tool Tips There are a couple of tool settings that do not show Mouse-Over Tool Tips. It would be helpful to (new) users if they were.
  21. Rick, Please look at the screen capture once again.I would have expected the word "Copyright" to have been translated in Dutch (like Auteur and Locatie). I am talking about Files.AboutCredits.rtf, Icons.FontBoldIcon.png, Icons.FontItalicIcon.png and Icons.FontUnderlineIcon.png. They were used in the About dialogue and to replace the font settings icons with the Text Tool. They appear to be (yet) not used. Cheers, Stephan
  22. Please find attached the Dutch language file for pre-release 4.0.5034/5064/5086/5105/5143 Remove any previous versions of the Dutch language file (*.nl.resources) from the PdN installation folder. Copy the file PaintDotNet.Strings.3.nl-NL.resources (in attached .zip) to the PdN installation folder. Corrections and suggestions for improvement are most welcome. Dutch - Nederlands Bijgesloten treft u de Nederlandse vertaling voor pre-release 4.0.5034/5064/5086/5105/5143 Verwijder een eventuele oude versie van het Nederlandse taalbestand (*.nl.resources) uit de PdN installatiemap. Kopieer het bestand PaintDotNet.Strings.3.nl-NL.resources (in bijgesloten .zip) naar de PdN installatiemap. Correcties en suggesties voor verbetering zijn uitermate welkom. Stephan Edits: 01/02/2014 15:13 - Attachment updated for pre-release build 5143 (minor corrections) 29/12/2013 10:22 - Attachment updated for pre-release build 5105 09/12/2013 08:49 - Attachment updated (minor correction) 08/12/2013 11:10 - Attachment updated for pre-release build 5086 16/11/2013 18:48 - Dutch translation of posting added 26/10/2013 17:00 - Attachment updated PaintDotNet.Strings.3.nl-NL.zip
  23. Translation things: SettingsDialog.Plugins.SupportInfo.Copyright.Format appears to be not translated. (See attached screen capture) Faulty reference in source code? The additional localization files in subfolder "Resources" are no longer used? paint.net does not yet scan for PaintDotNet.Strings.4.*.resources files paint.net appears to have undergone a name change: no capitals. Does this apply to ALL instances of the name, including at the start of a sentence? Otherwise no problems updating the Dutch translation. When would be the appropriate time to share them on the forum? Stephan
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