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  1. Got it solved. Set the page to less then the value of the actual page that we print to eg A4 21cm × 29.7cm set in paint.net as 20.8cm x 29.5cm paint.net was decreasing size of print job so that it would fit around pre defined margins of the printer
  2. Have been working with a diagram which is to be printed out on a transparency then placed over a piece of paper as a reference template. The problem is that the diagram that I am creating when printed out is not to the same measurements that I set in paint.net The diagram has a number of circles and lines which where created using two different methods 1. create individual paint.net pages to the sizes of the circles and lines draw the lines and then import into a A4 page 2. work out pixel to mm sizes and then create on one A4 page zooming in and out to get the right position on the ruler'
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