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  1. On difficulty 1-5 (1 being easiest 5 being most difficult) what would you rate this tool as ease of use? My personal experience in using this is quite blurred and not sure what to make of this tool and what i could use it for.One idea came to mind using it as a background for creating a fresh new photo of new stuff.Otherwise i'm couchlocked on what to use it for.
  2. Basicly if you wish to edit a photograph of someone's portrait you want to Exagerate the photo's colors making reds more red Greens more bright and skin tones most realistic.Tru or Fasle? what do you most like to enhance in photo's quality when trying to edit photos ? i'm trying to get a basic outlook one someone else's prepective on this subject if you will. what i like to achive is getting the colors to be realistic as possible without over exagerating the photo too much. opinions?
  3. What is the highest quality you can save the picture as? What filed when saved saves most memory or takes up the least amount of memory? What is the appropiate way to save images using these extentions? I have this image i saved it as JPEG and BMP which i saved be i could not recover.
  4. almost identical to the one on the louis vuitton website.
  5. I made this in paint.net then animated it in imageready. Completly paint.net for making the image then animated later in imageready
  6. What does it man when you open paint.net it it says a percentage number at the top?
  7. Much better resolution than mine great work man. next time i will make them better.
  8. last image number 10. please stich together i would like to see the quality of other's works of art.
  9. They are numbered 1-10 but i uploaded them diffrently.