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    I love PdN and Weta LTD.
  1. This one I'm not verry happy with :oops:, it could probaly use some anti ailiasing btw here it is
  2. @Nab: Thank you! @the-silent-9: Goo' job!! It would be scary!!! Tee Hee
  3. Yup....Image. @Nab: Love the pictures. @Salu: I really like the flower in the bubbley bubble P.S Love your siggy! Now I'm of to play video games (there good for you!) and help my M.O.M. email!
  4. I'm sorry, fairly new? That. Is. WONDERFUL! It doesn't matter if you're new, because you have great potential! Keep up the good work! Thank you Rubrica!!! You made my day! !!
  5. I'm fairly new to PdN so this probly isn't that good but I like it. :oops:
  6. ...You look at everything and wonder how to do it in PdN. ...You spend every day sitting your computer on the doin' tuts. ...The first thing you do every day (evan before breakfast) is check the forums. ...You think about PdN instead concentrating on something inportent in school in school. ...You can't remember 10 x 2 but know that 606060 equals a dark grey color. Happy Birthday Bolt Bait!
  7. Alrighty! Thank you for your constructive critisim. I shall take that into mind next time I creat an image like that.
  8. Thank you! I hope this works......let me check the preview.....Yay ! It works. Many thanks.
  9. verry nice tutorial. I'm new to the forum so, I don't know how to upload an image :oops:.....But I would if I could!
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