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  1. Wow I really like that. Nice work. edit: Sorry, I don't know how to make it a thumbnail.
  2. I think that the mountains are a bit overly blurred. The thing with atmospheric perspective is that it creates a ... duller colored object [i'm blanking on a more appropriate adjective], but the edges of the objects are still defined, to an extent. Granted, they are somewhat unclear, but there is still a clear edge. >.> I don't know if you get what I'm trying to say, but I hope it helps? And I love the flower. =D
  3. Wither, when looking at your spoon, I noticed that most spoons have a slightly curved handle. Only measuring tea/tablespoons have a straight handle. But wow, it's impressive.
  4. Personally, I think the white is a bit overly glaring... but that's also just my own style. After watching August Rush and also seeing my friend's AIM away message... I tried to paint sound =] Any suggestions?
  5. music! [in honor of August Rush--the most inspiring movie ever]
  6. Oh, the irony! "Too simple," you say, when yours is text on a shaded grey background. Haha. I'm kidding, just for the record. Out of the forum users that I've seen, you're the one with the art I like best. =]
  7. I've been fooling around with PdN and expanding on tutorials to get used to this software:
  8. Made with theRing and Fire tutorial =] I'm a newbie here and enjoying myself. PdN is cathartic. o_o
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