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    Wow looks great
  2. Phil92


    Very nice pics
  3. A few days ago I felt in love but she have a boyfriend :AddNoise:
  4. wow you are all great and i`m a looser^^ here my one
  5. I`m from Regensburg, Bayern, Germany :o
  6. I need your help which sig is better in your opinnion: Sig1: Sig2: Sig3: Sig4:
  7. :evil: now i`m sitting a couple of hours on this **** i give up now thanks for your help but i`m to stupid for this
  8. it`s realy a bad bad german (i think so bad how my english(is it bad?) but if i do it how you write, than come this out:
  9. oh no i thing i`m to stupid might because the english(i`m not good in english )
  10. oh damn now the lower half of the picture is ok but the higher half isn`t ok because there are another brightness
  11. the black squares are a (i dont know how should i say because i`m from germany) in german "markierung" for you that you see what i think
  12. hi id like to make a sequenz picture, but the picture haven`t the same colour and there are lines between the pictures how can i improve it?
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