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  1. My signature for my Warriors forum. X3
  2. Umm...Random. X3 I just took the PDN logo and started messing around with it; I also am kinda good at character pictures. (Cat's mainly...) So....yah. -feels so outdone- XD Flames welcome...I stink.
  3. Heh...-keeps forgetting about the search button- Thanks. X3 Hope my computer isn't dumb beyond repair! XD
  4. I really, really want some of those awesome plugins, and most tuts these days have at least two, but they won't work for me! D: I'll go to the download link, and it'll take a few minutes, then pop up and ask where I want to put the file. Of course, I go to the little PDN logo, but then it pops up and says 'The image type is not recognized, and cannot be opened.' Any help? O_O PDN isn't as fun as it could be without all the awesome plugins!
  5. Awesome tut! =D Very easy to follow and the results are great! Hoorah for bubbles. =3
  6. I'm still kinda new, but thought I'd post this up. =3 Random 3-D heart thing.
  7. Really cool jerkfight. =3 Love the chrome-ish coloring. 8/10
  8. I've seen so many of these, only it's the avatar. I decided to change it! =D Everyone loves cool siggies! Come rate them! EDIT: Mine does kinda stink, seeing as I threw it together just so I wouldn't be all...blank looking. X3 Feel free to criticize!
  9. @salu: Wow. O_o That thing is awesome! It really does look like this sad scene from something, where the little guy is walking away. ;_; Makes me sad just looking at it. Great picture though!
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