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  1. Thank you for your response Mr. Atwell. I can honestly say that because of the immense capabilities of PDN I can't know what I want, or how it should look, until I have basic skills to expand upon. My driving analogy could be taken to the next level by saying that neither of us would be allowed to jump in one of 'your Indianapolis 500 or Formula One race cars without having some 'basic skills and knowledge. I guess we all must crawl, walk, then run at our own pace. Thank you for your response as well Mr. Myrddin. Eureka! I did not know there were help files with tips,tricks,and features. I will certainly read this material in order to better understand the more advanced tutorials written by Atwell et.al. Thanks again to you both.. Edit: I just noticed the response by Ash, thank you. I will definitely read the materials you suggested if it will help me to achieve the same level of competence that you have, some day. I was beginning to think "to make a picture takes a thousand steps". Thanks to all...
  2. After reading all the above, it seems that I am in the same quandry.. There appears to be no "basic" tutorial anywhere. "playing around for a few months" does not help the frustration level of not being able to do hardly anything when you do not understand the basics. Microsoft Paint is about the only experience I have had! PDN obviously has mountains of advantages over MS Paint, but I can't seem to get going. I would like to just design some business cards to start! Does PDN work like sheets of acetate (layers) and then you compress them all together to get your final image?, in fact how do you compress them all when you are finished, is this flatten? Perhaps an analogy; driving a car along at 30 mph is basic, driving at 70 while manipulating all the accessories, such as climate control,cd player, gps, dvd player, delay wipers, speed control, etc, etc, etc, is not the same thing. I think Bevio, myself, and perhaps others could use a good "once again" basic tutorial on " what PDN does and how it basically works... I have read until I'm blue in the face, but have not learned what I need. Thanks for any advice to all of us fuzzy faced rookies.