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  1. I know that, but I was wondering if there are some tricks, that can make a picture at a huge size of 3000x2000 to look good at size of 530x280
  2. Well, hello! First, let me thank you all for helping and sharing your knowledge with the newbies like me That's why paint.net is one of the best programs available these days. I was wondering how are all these people on the internet making such a cool logos and banners. I have several wonderful pictures(3264x2448) and I want to resize them to 530x280. If I keep aspect ratio - then it is impossible to reach that size(530x280). If I resize the images withour aspect ratio some pictures are looking very funny. What is the trick? Must you crop first or must you resize and then crop or what? Is there any available tutorium, that shows how to make resizing picures easy(with maintain aspect ration turned off) ? Thank you in advance.