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  1. Yes I do. Because then the plugins are out of date.
  2. LOL. I love this effect. But 1 thing, I need you to make a plugin of this effect for v3.22 because if I upgrade then I have to download all plugins again and I have heaps. So im sticking with v3.22 so I need a smudge plugin for that. THX in advance.
  3. Could someone make a grunge tutorial that makes a really good and pro grunge texture. I am using grunge for my banners and I cant seem to get a good grunge effect.
  4. Thanks for the critisism. People say I put photoshop to shame. Is it true?
  5. Hey dude. You gotta teach me some tips & tricks for ya later sigs. I love em. <3
  6. Because I have not diplayed many of my banners here, I will display all of my Styles in this one thread. I think I have done great of how much I have progressed. You can only use these banners under my permission STYLE 1 STYLE 2 STYLE 3 STYLE 4 STYLE 5 STYLE 6 STYLE 7 (LONGEST LASTING STYLE) STYLE 8 STYLE 9 STYLE 10 STYLE 11 STYLE 12 STYLE 13 STYLE 14 STYLE 15 STYLE 16 STYLE 17 STYLE 18 STYLE 19 STYLE 20 STYLE 21 STYLE 22 STYLE 23 STYLE 24 STYLE 25 STYLE 26 STYLE 27 STYLE 28 STYLE 29 STYLE 30 STYLE 31 STYLE 32 STYLE 33 STYLE 34 STYLE 35 STYLE 36 STYLE 37 STYLE 38 STYLE 39 STYLE 40 STYLE 41 STYLE 42 STYLE 43 STYLE 44 STYLE 45 STYLE 46 TELL ME WHICH ONE STYLE YOU LIKE BEST
  7. Ash, nice w.i.p. (a giant assembly plant for robots?) but I am waiting a tut for the :Up: brushed metal! @Tourist I saw it now while browsing pages to search for Ash' post.... Cute dolphin/shark button! Did you check out the PDN file I posted for the brush metal? Are you sure you still need the tut after you study the PDN file? I don't understand what you are talking about with Tourist? What did you see while searching for my posts? :shock: :idea: :arrow: :x :oops: :o :AddNoise: :AddNewLayer: :twisted: :evil: :shock: :? 8) And people, people, please learn to use thumbnails when quoting. :idea: Oh. Mi. Gallegaskins. I can't wait to see what comes out of this. Might be a while, that is just a small part of the whole. Whats with all the smileys?
  8. I made the blood on this myself. you can tell its bad Here is a really cool banner i made
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